Pending connection failure on Xbox 1

I’ve been trying to get on official server 2583 since reset at 601 am est . It shows 5 people out of 40 and a 66 ping but just keeps giving me a pending connection failure everytime I try to join. Any solution?

It’s the same on server 2100 for me. Been trying to post a topic about it but it won’t let me post either so ive been unable to get support for this for 3 days

This is the same for me but for server 2112 on Xbox

Yeah I’m on xbox too seems to be just this platform with the issue

it’s also on PC, I lose the connection every time in a window between 3 seconds and 4 minutes, no matter if it’s an official or private server.

I created a topic on monday morning (8AM), but there’s still no official response (friday afternoon).

Well if it’s taken this long I can kiss tonight’s Defense goodbye… It’s a bloody odd glitch I can say that much

Fix the damn game already no one cares about what’s to come if it isn’t playable fix this sh/t already holy f¿club this is rediculous

Same for server 2725

So I bought this game yesterday and I’m actually in love with everything except the servers. Took me around one hour to find a server I can play on without crashing every 5 seconds to my dash board. Started playing this server for about 12 hours lol. Server restarts… or go downs I have no idea. And now I’m no longer able to get on my server. Just gives me a connection error. Has been happening for almost 24 hours now. Please help me because I actually like this game and would love to play it but the servers won’t let me haha.


It’s saying the same thing for me on the 2808

Same thing is happening to me on 2808

2653 please help …

Same here on 2581. Pretty much every server I join lasts a few days, then goes to that server issue. I’ve moved 4 servers and the first three were because of that

same with 2812 everyone it’s got 30 people online and well i’m not one of them perfect timing prolly gonna get raided now tanks notsofuncom

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