"pending connection failure " (again)

this will be the second time, you have restarted the servers, and after it I’m unable to connect anymore?
this happened last week, but luckily i was able to get help, and now it has gone again…
we tried everything, reinstalling the game/reloading/restarting my internet, none of it would work, after the support restarted the server, it worked perfectly, so whether or not it’s a bad server upload? i couldn’t say, Ive no clue how they work, but many people are suffering from it, me included…shame.


Having same issues with server 2759

same thing with 2876… everytime i have a day off of work too wtf

#2949 please fix this very frustrating when u pay for a broken game…

I’m having same issue on Official 2505. Any idea how long it takes for support to address?

Are refunds available??? Kind of irritating this is what we get with a product we purchased. CS/tech support appears to be horrible.

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