Can we get some support please

Xbox pve server 2725 has been down twice this week for multiple hours. We have yet to hear any reasoning why, wich is very very frustrating when we invest so much time in a game. A simple we are working on it would be nice lets us all know your out there working on it instead of leaving us angry and in the dark and constantly refreshing our server list.


Watch out the admin might flag your post because the truth hurts. I’ve been asking funcom, Conan exile and gportal for help and not a peep. We’ve been robbed

they have no reason to flag me i am simply asking for communication and this is constructive criticism. I love this game and i can handle the crashes but when i cant get back on for a long period of time i need to know why or atleast to be told i cant lol.

They flagged me for basically saying the same thing and even got likes on it but they flagged it talking about “stick to the topic” which made zero sense because it was the topic!

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Why wont Anyone who works for funcom acknowledge the lack of communication that us players get I see tons of threads getting replies none of them have to do with servers being down, mine was offline for over 12 hours yesterday still dont know why.

Seems like maybe they can’t fix the issue anytime soon. I’ve almost lost faith. Tired of the crashing. Unplayable. We need to be acknowledged.

Hi there,

I apologize for the long response. Sometimes, questions like this slip through the cracks and for that I am very sorry. Please let it be known that it is not our intention to let players go unanswered for as long as they have.

That being said, we are working on improving the stability of the servers across the board. This is an ongoing process that is taking time. I can confirm that the server in question, #2725, is now online and you should be able to join freely. I am unable to say if or when the server will go down again as crashes are unexpected and random. Thank you so much for your patience. I hope that you have a wonderful day.

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