Server 1975 down for more than 8 hours today and off many times week

we need some assistance here, the server all days get off.

today the the server still off for more than 8 hours and we didin’t found any help, Funcom just don’t answer any e-mail, twitter, forms, nothing, look like don’t care for your’s customers, we are more than 30 players here waiting for more than 8 hours and nothing.

Please, may we can have a support here?

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I understand that you’ve experienced downtime for Server 1975. They are looking into the situation and will be working to get the server back up and running. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

Come on… a whole day for the maintenance of one server? Novice players restore/upgrade a dedicated in 1/10 of this time.
If this is the case, make a rollback(like sometimes done before without any warning), but release the server.
I paid for the game to play!

Hey Yowie, no one cares about your apologies. How about you talk to who ever is in charge and reply back to the community with some useful information, such as, what is the exact cause of the server outage and what is being done to address the issue once and for all? Are the server crashes/hangups a result of Conan’s server client or are they 100% the fault of the hosting company?

That’s the only info we want.

This is not an issue of ‘getting the server back up and running’, it is an issue of multiple servers crashing simultaneously every night around peak hours, and not being accessible until the scheduled automated restart.

You are–quite literally–doing nothing to fix the situation. The automated restart is the only thing bringing the servers back online.

As sad as it is, a player on my server had been opening tickets to g-portal himself to have the server quickly restarted, but they’ve stopped letting him do that. Now only Funcom can make such a request–and guess what? They haven’t. So we’ve been stuck being unable to play all night every night since.

1518, 1517, and countless others all crash at the same time EVERY single night.

I’m convinced that you are not doing anything to address this issue based on your team’s sparse and vague replies, and you seem to lack an understanding of what the issue even is…

This sort of gross incompetence is honestly staggering.

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Sorry about, but we would like to see a solution, i have chat with gportal, the server is ok, just off, a simple .bat can do this work with Funcom don’t have anyone to restore the server on, you guys need help, i am here to offer my help with necessary, because i don’t like waiting all day to one server back on again or more one night.

I can help if you guys need, is not a joken, let’s go working with the community to make your game better, many fix, servers down, this all thinks the community can help FUNCOM to fix faster with out get payed, i don’t need your money, i just want enjoy my game.


It’s been 4h since your response, there’s a ETA for the server be back up and running?


I am sorry about that, but maybe you is a robotic custome service because i saw your answer in three another posts and all is the same.

Funcom didn’t nothing for us, many players there 40/40 almost all day, and we didn’t got any help, many players in discord, we made one page in facebook for your server, we made one channel in discord for all, and when we need only one person to talk with us we din’t have it, FUNCOM send one robotic custome service or one person just doing a ctrl+c, ctrl+v in old fu*** message.

You guys think we are stupid players? Because funcom don’t care about your customers, we know the server will restart only in the automatic system, no one will do nothing.

So i leave this game, thanks a lot for you worse service on the world, can get my fu*** 50 box, enjoy this shi***, i don’t care for that money, i just don’t will buy anythink more from funcom and anyone ask me about your itens or service, can trust me, i will tell they exactly what’s happening.

Have a nice life!

All my stuff is gone and my character has reseted.
I also do not recognize this map…

Like always, after any update, after any crash, the server will be down to the next automatic restart system, it’s crazy, i can’t belieave this situation, ooooh my god!

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