Like Allways the server #1975 after any update don't come back up (we will need a day again?)

Like always, all servers are back and the oficial #1975 still off for almost hour

Please FUNCOM, Why our server always when have some crash or update never come back?

some times need a day, sometimes need many, i tell you really, need many hours, like 5, 6 8 hours to come back after any update.

just our server in south america, the anothers from the same region restart fastly like the anothers regions but #1975 not.

And why our ping need be 200 if the all another server are 140, please decrease this limit for the normal one, if we cannot use the US server and our server have issues about quality, decrease it, who use this server don’t need ping 200, nothng working here, the animals, npc, all get stuck with this ping.


30 minutes after restart the server crashed. lol

after 1 hour crashed again

I think this server has been hosted at microwave. #thatLag #noFix

Tá tenso Varella, #Funcom tá cagando pra nós. Esse deve ser o server que o estagiário cuida.

Please, FunCom!! Some attention needed at #1975. Do it for us!

The server dropped it’s online time in the last 7 days from 98%, to 86%.


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Nem o estagiário… deve ser o assistente do estagiário…

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