[PC] Server #1975 S.A. - What happend?

For several days, Server #1975 players have suffered with desync, high latency, and rollback. What was once a queue to enter, became an empty server. In a recent News, FunCom named servers #1977, #1978 and #1979 as ‘Brazil’ servers. The fact is that on the #1975 server there were mostly players from Brazil and we suspect that now the 1975 server became Latin and not Brazilian, which is why the ping is so high. If this is true, FunCom owes us satisfaction because it has not warned Brazilian players that they have lost time and money on a server that we can no longer play. Are you going to transfer the characters? Why the hell does the 1975 server no longer work?

We demand to know what the hell is going on. We’ve been trying to get answers since past week.
Seriously are the admins on this forum on vacation or sleeping?

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