[PC] Server #1975 S.A

Well … S.A. does not have PVE servers anymore.

The one we had just closed.

Good job guys! You do not give a **** about the S.A. players, and that’s very clear.

The server is down for some reason, but they still not fixed it.

Same with #1976. Didn’t probably closed, just down. But why, how, and until when ? Who knows, they don’t care about the SA community to give news or fix stuff :frowning:

All day long with rollback and desync. While I was trying to play, the server had 2 restarts and still got high latency.

For me, the server was closed - no one can play.

But anyway … FunCom does not care about the S.A. servers

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It’s almost like if they sold us a cellphone, that don’t make calls or have internet access, while advertising it had both… Just sad…

We bought a FULL game, not early acess, A FULL GAME, so i thought that the game was fairly complete (not perfect of course, but not 50% finished) And sadly you only see that the AI is bad,the game has a ton of bugs, the SA servers are crappy at best, and they have NO SUPPORT at all only a few hours of game, so this way we can’t refund :frowning:.


The server pvp # 1985 has lag problems since yesterday at 10:00 p.m.

Funcom changes the hosting server, because this one that is leased does not lend!

The most unbelievable thing in this matter is that FunCom not even answering the feedback that I gave. Dont say anything on twitter or anywhere else.

All S.A. players must write a negative review on Steam and warning others not to buy this piece of ****

para cuando estara arreglado el server 1975 pve …:sob: