Server sa 1997 its working real bad please help us devs


This server is getting offline randomly for 5-30 minutes once per hour every DAY, please HELP US restore this server please.

Same happening on 1998.


The game cannot be that old… XD

Still waiting for a fix

It goes down and you lose like 5 minutes of playtime.

indeed and happens every time the server goes down!

SA 1998 falling all the time, infinite loadings and many rollbacks

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I posted this two days ago and still NO response from the devs, just say something like -we are acknowledge of the problem- Two days and silence from the devs.

Cmon plz fix the issue. Not been able to play the weekend was very frustating…

I’m already 20 minutes trying to enter the server # 1998!
Now it’s wait another 30 … soon I play: D

Still cant play

Games should have a warranty, so we can GET SUPPORT when is under warranty :slight_smile:.

Here looks like they just don’t give a single F about customer service, at least compared to other games.

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NO response from anyone yet!

Hello FUNCOM we are a lot of players having serious problems trying to connect and stay connected to your south american servers, would you care to look at this thread and say something and do something!

Thank you!

All south american pvp servers are broken, lots of players having conectivity problems, DO SOMETHING!

all the official servers have collapsed one hour ago

One week later guess what? same problem

All day server was restarting every 25min impossible to play

Sunday wasted, impossible to play, official servers malfunctioning all the time

Monday wasted, impossible to play, official servers malfunctioning all the time