Server #1998 SA unstable

Game mode: [PC]
Problem: [SERVER]
Region: [SA]

When will they pay attention to the South America servers ?? Server # 1998 has an average of 20 palyers playing even with the server dropping every 20 minutes and taking 50 minutes to enter. Not counting when it dies, because it takes another 50 minutes … the other SA servers are always full. If Server # 1998 were 100% it would also be Full. I only see attention for servers EUROPE and ASIA and South America nothing …

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. delay to enter the server
  2. the server drops every 20 minutes
  3. When it dies, it takes too much time to go back.

How about an answer and stop hiding? 20 mins waiting every time the server goes down…

I think the funcom does not see this forum … or in fact they are not even there for South America …

at this moment I’m already 20 minutes trying to enter the server # 1998!
Now it’s wait another 30 … soon I play: D

Just answer us Funcom

Where`s Funcom?

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Funcome Where are you?

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