Server sa 1997 its working real bad please help us devs


Tuesday wasted, impossible to play, official servers malfunctioning all the time

Well yesterday and today it seems to work better than before but server keeps crashing two or three times a day

Server down again, i lost what i did in the last 10 minutes, FIX THIS PROBLEM FUNCOM

Again server down

Server 1997 with issues since release day.

First time today, server down, this is good!

Third time the server goes down, no one cares about south american servers

Server down again!

Server Down first time of the day

Devs are ignoring this problems even the moderators are saying nothing about it, we are in the dark as customers

Server Down! Again!

Monday Wasted, impossible to play!

Cant Log in the game, i have to alt+f4 to restart the game, WE ARE CUSTOMERS U KNOW?

I did it several times, but not fix yet

I sent an email support/customer service/funcom help/etc…

No one cares about our issue

I sent another Conan Exiles Official Servers Report

ok guys server 1997 currently offline,
I hope you are fixing it

More than a hour later is still offline

Finally it seems that somebody did something, the server is working fine by now

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