Official SA Server #1985 Down

Do you have any prediction of when the server will come back?


One more time down, really annoying. It should have a monitoring service to avoid this kind of problem. If we don’t post here the server keep offline forever. It’s unacceptable.

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Hello! I’m really sorry to hear about the downtime you’ve experienced in Server 1985. I’ve alerted the appropriate team, and I’ve been told they’re looking into getting the server up and running again. I apologize for the delay.


Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks. What is the ETA?

We are 24 hours with the server offline, do you have any forecast of return?

And not back yet.
You better shut down the servers and give the players money back.

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And again, about 2 hours of the update, server is offline again … This is so disrespectful

Where’s the fvcking support on these issues? I’m fvcking done with this game.

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I guess the only thing support does is restart the server, don’t check and fix the problems. That’s why every time we have problems like this… server 1 day offline and come back with wrong config. This is ridiculous

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I guess the only thing support does is restart the server

Not exactly. Apparently some servers can be restarted but my server (1940) can’t. It goes down literally every night and doesn’t come back up until the morning despite a thousand reports. I wouldn’t care half as much if the server was just crashing but only took 30 mins or something to come back online, that seems like normal operation for a server because shid happens. But all night every night? WTF.

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