1517 down again!

Come on…

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At least its not showing people are online. Maybe they are just fixing something? Hopefully lol.

Good news! #1940 crashed about 30-45 mins ago maybe less and it’s back up and going so far. This is a massive improvement over all night so if this keeps up we are looking really good and just got some great news with this patch!! So make sure to report it.

Still down…

Well, it came back up for like a minute… aaaannnnd…It was rolled back to at least 3 hours before the crash and it immediately launched a message saying “server restart in 1 minute”. Now it is down again. So, I hope you didn’t do anything important roughly 3 hours before the crash because it will likely be completely undone when you get back on, if the sever is ever the slightest bit more stable than not at all.

Damn…I’ll find out soon.

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