Server #1517 is down

I’m not sure how to report this to support. I just wanted to. I’m not angry or anything. I just want to say it goes down every day. There must be a reason it goes down every day. I just hope it’s fixable. I don’t want to be that guy complaining every day. But it would be nice to know whether I should expect it to improve or just accept the server will be down multiple hours every day.

If it can improve It’s worth making these posts. If not then I can save my time and the time of whomever would read this.

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It’s still down

I just join this sever about 2 weeks now and this is the 5th time I have been locked out the whole day. What is going on.

Yeah feels bad. Probably wont come back up till tomorrow tho.

Get angry!! Just kidding but straight up last official word is they do not know what the cause is. So as far as expecting it to improve at this point would be sort of like expecting the weather to improve before we had forecasts. It’s a big mystery. Do we get lucky or do we drown in the floods?

Is it just a few select servers that are busted or are all servers equally inconsistent?

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