Server 1517 is stuck

I get an infinite loading screen. Servers needs a reboot.

yeah i am getting the same thing right after it crashed at 11 pm central time

Still happening for me.

1517 IS down again and back to cant get in again

Hi there,

Server 1517 has crash and requires the attention of the developers. They are currently investigating the issue. I am sorry but I do not have a time frame for when this issue will be resolved.

Thanks for letting us know. I was just coming here to let you know it happened again. 2 nights in a row on a Friday and Saturday :frowning:

I see the server is back up…for now. Is it fixed now or should we expect this to happen again?

Not fixed. Has now happened for a 3rd night in a row. That’s a whole weekend of only 50% server uptime…at best. Please fix this already.

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Server 1516 is also down. This is crazy that they offer an experience bonus weekend only to have the servers go down for the weekend. Not to mention at the same time they launch the DLC. How is Funcom going to make this up to it’s players this time? Usually Funcom is on the ball and server issues were fixed the next day but this is too much. PLEASE don’t forget us out here that have dedicated a lot of player time and our money to the game. Most of us love the game and would love to continue playing it but I fear players are starting to become frustrated and this might spread out to any potential new players abandoning the opportunity of playing. Look forward to hearing what has caused this major disappointment this weekend.


There are multiple servers experiencing issues again with no dev response today. Can we get an update? Some folks can only play on the weekends and servers have been down more than they have been up.


This ^^^^ I’m on 1518 and barely got to play this weekend. As a new player, this is a terrible first experience.


I put in a ticket through G-portal for 1517…plus 1516,1517,1518…I get a BS response of I have to contact funcom…WTF is that!? Like funcom is watching these forums all the time!.I used the ticket program many times to reboot a server when stuck/crashed…saves time…was usually taken care of within an hour. Did the policy change? Did I just get some jack ■■■ on the other line?

The servers are running, but they stop letting people log in for some reason. I think it’s a FunCom bug as it started after the DLC patch.

Hey guys! I’m really sorry that servers 1516, 1517, and 1518 are down. Our server administrators have told me that they’re working on getting them back up now. Hopefully they’ll have the problem fixed soon. I apologize for the inconvenience this causes while we wait.

Looks like 1517 is down yet again.

Please, please take this seriously - a quick reboot is a quick fix that gets us back in the game, but a long term solution needs to be prioritized.

I can assure you we are taking this seriously. Thank you for your patience while we try to find a more permanent fix.

I left the server already, but I’m sure others that are trying to stick through appreciate ti.

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