WHY? Server 1516 Down again

Server 1516 is down once again for the 4th day in a row on the PC. Why is this happening? Players were offered a weekend of X2 experience and the servers were down for half the day every day. Server is currently down. I put a post in support about this issue and it was closed down saying it wasn’t productive. How was reporting the server down not productive. What wasn’t productive was having a Funcom employee Umboris not answer what was going on. All we want is some guidance or information like What’s going on? When will the issue be fixed? Is there hope of this being addressed? Please funcom you have been great in the past at fixing major issues and not leaving your fans waiting. PLEASE don’t fail us now.

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I would love some answers as well. This is unacceptable.

There’s a group of servers that has been down all weekend for hours at a time. 1516, 1517, 1518. Sounds like hardware issues, but nobody will even acknowledge that they’re working on it.

one Thread is enough.