Official 1518 Crashed again

Reboot please? Its Fri. night for the love of God! This crap happening every night and multiple times a day has to stop.

Agreed its getting very old

RIP #1518, we hope you come back up with the correct settings.

And down AGAIN. Come on! This is unacceptable.

I think its a lot of them. I lost all my armor and weapons three times this weekend. Not making it again. DONE

Yes, it is more than a lot of them. The sheer frequency of these types of posts indicate a serious problem and for months they have done nothing or said nothing regarding a fix. It’s disgusting.

Is it down again? i was just about ready to login. figures.

At least you weren’t in the middle of luring a world boss to kill some thralls for you when it happened
(which, might I mention, we shouldn’t even have to do, just to remove decayed bases’ thralls).

Funcom is really starting to piss me off.

True dat - sorry dude.

I’m just sitting here trying to log in - will post though when its up so hopefully you can recover mate.

I appreciate it! I’ve pretty much cut my losses though, I don’t feel like babysitting the server status on the off chance I can reach a corpse that may or may not be there! Sad state of things.

I hear ya there - I am almost there. It is up though just a few seconds ago.

And down again. Good lord.

Have you tried this?

Down again for the fourth time today…

Yes, its the exact same form with just another field or two. I guess maybe it helps get things up and rolling again, but so far hasn’t done a thing for stabilizing the servers/infrastructure.

By the way, 1518 is down again… amazing.

Going in to get a recipe. Wait NPC teleporting, im damaged, crippled, sundered… run… ohhhh disconnected again. Log back in and im naked and all my stuff is gone. What a fun game! What a beautiful game, what disappointing servers, what a shame.

Down agaiiiiiiiiinnnnn

Totally offline. Doesn’t even show in server list.

It just came back up.

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