1516 PVE-C just went down for the third time

1516 went down for HOURS on friday night. HOURS down on Sunday. Barely playing an hour today and it JUST dropped again.

Any chance it can be back up before tomorrow?

@Hugo @Ignasis @Community

I think it was down from about 3:00 pm Sunday until 3:00 am Monday, so 12 hours or so. Then it was down again after a 5:00 am restart, but only for 45-minutes.

It’s down right now… Im annoyed because I’m in the sinkhole currently. I work in the morning, cant be waiting all night spamming the server list to not lose my gear or thrall.

This is REALLLLLLLY getting on my nerves. I’d understand this from a free game… But I JUST shelled out more money (DLC) to show support and of COURSE this weekend is the thanks I get, Lol!

I was outside doing stuff right when this happened :frowning:

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Seriously… 3 times in less than a week.

Hey there,

We’ve poked G-Portal about this issue so they can look into it.


Thank you kindly!

Down again as of 8:20pm…

This server needs to be looked at. Obviously something very wrong with it.

Stinky. I think we crashed an hour earlier yesterday.

It really does. I’d gladly help in any way possible. I’d be receptive to a warning of like “Refresh your bases, we have to do a three day shut down to have a look.”

Anything would be better than the crashes at this point.

@Ignasis @Hugo @Community Wanna poke a little harder?

you are wasting your time, they are not going to do anything about it.

same as server 1930… they abandoned the server , and keep ignoring it. be ready to suffer the same treatment…

lol you are funny ignasis.

And down again. In the middle of a Purge. That’s like six times in the past week.

We’re down again.

Can confirm, went to log in and it reads ping 9999 before disappearing entirely after a few minutes

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@Ignasis We’re down again. Can we please get back up before I have to go to work tomorrow?

Did your purge start? Day before yesterday, the crash happened during our purge.

Oooof, what ended up happening?