Server 1516 Still crashing alot

Official American PVE-C server 1516 Regular Crashes

This server is one of the most popular PVE-C servers and has had nothing but crashing issues over the past few weeks. It would be nice if we could get a response from the DEV team as to whether this issue is being looked at or not. Players at talking of leaving as this does suck for over the holidays. Please could we get some feedback. Thanks in advance

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Ok I have been told from another player that the possible server crashes are from the server memory getting full too quickly because of too many active thralls and pets on the server. Along with a clan that has build roads connecting their bases on the server long distances to help them refresh their bases easier. Rather then traveling to each base individually. Is this why server 1516 is crashing so often?

Is there no DEV team member that is able to give some response please and thanks.

all servers have this problem :frowning: we play on 1127 , this server has 1k ping and crash 2/3 times a day. Forum is full of complains about huge lag and funcom do not take no action. No announcement no news nothing. It is like they ignore the 3k players they complain about the lag. At list say you have no idea how to fix it and we will understand. But ignoring this problem will lead with loss of players. Not like there are allot to start with.

Agreed. Still no word from them. We have the same issue with players on 1516 talking of leaving. Starting to get annoying. Like the Devs don’t read these anymore.

Is there anyone that can give some feedback if this is being looked into please and thanks

Join a private server? they are moderated, daily restarts, admins who can tell you what’s going on…

No thanks. I don’t like private servers as they normally don’t last long and all your hard work is lost if they chose to shut it down due to lack of funds or players.

I’ve been unable to log onto 1516 for over two hours. Hope you guys are having fun. I’m pissed.


Stupid server 1516 down AGAIN first time for 3 hours only up and running for 20 min then it crashes again. Funcom isn’t going to have a game if they don’t do something about Gportal not keeping there servers up.

This is getting ridiculous. This game is lots of fun… when I’m able to play. But the server seems to be down more than up.

thank god im not the only one. so 1516 is still down…damn

Going on six hours now. It’s almost unbelievable. Makes you wonder if someone’s uncle shut down the server.

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server has been shut down it seems. lets see how long it takes to put it back up

server is up and running

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