1516 PVE-C down for the fifth time

This is the second time in two days. It really stinks because you can’t plan on doing anything fun without the worry that you’ll crash out in the middle of things.

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This is happening almost every night lately. Its a nice server – decent number of players. But this is ridiculous.

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This morning 1516 was the #95 most popular sever. Not any more. I guess we know why.

Seems to be occurring more rapidly lately.

Still down. Over three-and-a-half hours now.

Are you guys reporting this through the official form too, or just on the forums?

I’m not sure what others are doing – how is a report done through the official form?

Server is up now. Looks like it was down from about 6:30 pm EST US through 2:30 am. Seems strange, I’d have thought a simple crash would cause an automatic restart, not an extended outage.

Bottom-left corner of the screen:

Server just went down again. I used that form thanks.

I see. You report the sever In game. Thank you. Done.

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