Dungeons are not a challenge

IF you don’t like a challenge, you don’t have to farm every dungeon boss or kill every NPC in a city to complete the game. So if it was made more challenging (tactically more than just HP adjustments) then skip those you find to difficult. See, the shoe fits on your foot too.

I used to hate the “just don’t use thralls” advice before the thrall nerf. Sure, I was still able to solo most of the bosses, but it was just tedious, not challenging. And when bringing a thrall, I felt like I was a sidekick – and a bad one at that – because my contribution to the fight was negligible compared to theirs.

Now that they adjusted thralls and bosses, I feel better about that advice. Most of the time I bring the thrall with me to UC, because I’m either leveling a new thrall or I want to do a quick farming round, but at least I don’t feel insignificant.

I went to the Sunken City solo, for a challenge, and managed to do it all, although I had to cheese that asshat where the leeches spawn, because that one’s about as balanced as the Arena Champion. The whole experience was somewhat challenging, but let’s face it: the “skill” you need to deal with bosses in CE is to find the safest strategy to avoid being steamrolled in case of lag and keep chipping away at their health.

And that’s another reason they won’t be able to make the bosses and dungeons challenging enough, without also making them superbly frustrating. Even if they took the thralls out of the equation and gave the AI some interesting behavior, there’s still the problem with how the game deals with your attacks.

When you perform an attack, the client will check whether your attack connected with your target. If the client decides it didn’t, it won’t ask the server to check. And if it decides it did, the server might explain that it didn’t, really, because your target wasn’t exactly where your client thought.

That sounds like a reasonable optimization, but it ends up giving you multiple ways to fail. You can’t even compensate for lag, because your client won’t let you talk to the server. And it doesn’t even have to be lag – I’ve lost count of how many times my hits simply didn’t register and the game gave me one big, juicy :fu: despite my best efforts to hit whatever I was attacking.

With tech like that, it’s best to stick to the AI we have and let players adjust their difficulty by intentionally hobbling their own playstyle when the want more challenge. :man_shrugging:


Wait a minute, you say the relic hunters are good?
I have the feeling that these are no longer good.

I only catch Cimmerian berserk (female)
They are really good.
Or the fighters from the volcano (Daicas, Spinas) are also good.

Please make a screenshot of the stats from the relic hunter do u use.


This is going to imply a crazy as hell motive. If I’m lying, and the game is too hard for me. And I want it harder. What do I stand to gain from that? I’m almost curious to see where this rabbit hole leads. But in reality I know where this goes. Lets say I waste my time putting up a video. Yall are going to see tricks and tactics used that you’re going to claim ‘well that’s why it was easy, try it without doing that’. There’s going to be all these other conditions thrown on. No not bothering with that nonsense.

This I find hard to believe… unless you’re using a controller. This is a very different game depending on what control scheme you have available to you. I’ve tried it with the controller. Its annoying. You pretty much have to use the lock on feature to get stuff to hit reliably. I’m used to NOT using that. I’ve always played on servers where it was disabled. I’m not saying target lock makes things easier or harder, but when you’re not using it, you get a little more control on the defensive side of things.

So my question is, are you using a controller or keyboard and mouse. We’re talking two different games here in this regard.

So the server I play has a <100ms ping. Effectively might as well be singleplayer with how smooth it is, 99% of the time (it goes to hell after 96 hours on the clock, and needs to be restarted, most servers restart daily, we get away with 4 days).

But I don’t believe we should balance around poor server performances. Those servers simply need to have their hardware upgraded to handle the load. Or get off VMs and put on dedicated hardware. Though CodeMage’s suggestion of Client Side hit detection is probably not something I’m opposed to. Though I could have sworn we had that. It doesn’t make sense that we don’t. The only reason to have server side hit detection in a game with combat this close is to deter cheating and hacks.

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How does one “complete the game” ?

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So… Once the official servers are all upgraded and no longer have any performance issue’s, THEN we can work on difficulty balance. In that order. Fair enough? :grin:

… might be awhile. :grinning:

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Why would we do that for only 1/6th the playerbase?

Damn straight: my great grandma & my nanna were mad Nintendo players. Hyrule has never since known such heroes.

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My playing is good, but unfortunately I have a disabling condition known as “stubbiness”. My fingers are too short. It is from my father’s side of the family.

Stupid stubby fingers.

@WhatMightHaveBeen my words may have been misunderstood (probably cause i am not a native english language speaker) … i will not call over the wine cellar for egoistic reasons , as i can solo all other dungeons with no thrall till now… i have not mastered yet the wine cellar, so cannot ask someone else to show me a part that i am not sure i can solo… that is the only reason i call not the wine cellar as dungeon in my post… for egoistic reasons(my own ego will not allow me to ask proof of what i have not achieved yet)
all u have to do is not be greedy… trust me arena champion is not that hard… u die on the 3rd hit yes (nommater ur build or gear) but she is not hard …

and @CodeMage is actually right , ur worst enemy in a dungeon is the lag spike…

@CodeMage i play only on offcial pve server atm… no single player for me or modded servers…

As opposed to the 1/50th of the playerbase who want a difficulty nerf? :smiley:

The irony here, of course, is that you dismiss the non-modded official server’s as only 1/6th of the playerbase and therefor not important.

But it’s the non-official server’s & single-player that can adjust the difficulty settings and run mods, and therefore make the game harder.

So what’s your message here? That the laggy vanilla official servers need to be increased in difficulty because the low-ping non-official servers wouldn’t have a problem running it?

Oh, for Crom’s sake, please don’t go there with him.

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I wasn’t talking non-modded. Just because a server isn’t official, doesn’t mean it has mods. My first year and 1200 hours playing the game was on unmodded servers.

If you want to cheese things so hard, don’t complain when they seem easy. There are dozens of other thralls that you could collect from areas closer to a nice building site. (Pick a nice site, build there and use local thralls for a while). Or go straight for cheese and mass levels. But don’t then complain about cheesing and mass leveling. shrug


If a dungeon can be skipped over, what’s the point of having it?

So far we’ve been told to not use thalls, not use over star metal, not use certain tactics, not use archery, not use buffs, not use advanced armor, not use optimal builds.

Basically, don’t progress your character as normal, just gimp yourself to find a challenge. I’m not going to take these arguments seriously.

Some Boss fights in Conan Exiles remind me of Remnant: From the Ashes, where in a boss fight you have to time your attacks and positioning.
Rotted Hulk from Wine Cellar dungeon is one such fight, and it feels really good to kill that boss on your own, without a thrall. I just wish Funcom would rework all the tank’n’spank bosses that are in the game right now and add things like phases, hardcore mode and more boss abilities with interesting mechanics.
It is true that most bosses in Conan Exiles are tank’n’spank and the option to bring a thrall to the fight just makes it worse. Feels like wasted potential.
I also think we need more character build customization.

Well, you sort of got your wish. Healing is going to be heavily nerfed in an upcoming patch.
Healing from food is being removed. No more Soothing buff. Potions and wraps will have an interruptible animation.

So on one hand, dungeons are going to be more of a challenge.
On the other hand, you’re going to be depending on your thralls more than ever.

They were never a challenge.- no matter what people say. These are not real dungeons where team work is needed never were.

Just gotta work on getting those balanced closer to what they were before they had 4-5 digit hp. I don’t believe Dalansia needs to go back to 750hp, but putting her to 15,000hp was a bit too far. I think 2500hp tops for tier 4 thralls across the board is a good starter point. Still need to get them to remove their MDM/RDM stats also.

Yes instead of the devs looking to the whining masses for input they should’ve just logged onto the servers regularly and seen for themselves how the community was actually enjoying their creation. But nope, read forums instead, someone doesn’t like something so kill it