[PC] 1930 - PVE - Horrible Server-Wide Lag

Game mode: (Online official)
Type of issue: Performance
Server type: PVE
Region: Americas

[Describe the bug here]
Server-wide lag and rubber banding has been rampant for the least week. Every action is delayed with intermittent rubber banding back into positions you were at minutes earlier. Placing buildings or attacking can take minutes to register.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Log in
  2. Play the game
  3. Lag
  4. Rubber band back to starting point

Hey @Deadpool

Welcome to our community.
We’re aware of this issue and we’ve reached out to G-Portal to try to determine the cause for this problem.
Apologies for the frustration.

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issue is becoming quite old , lag makes the server unplayable, please help :frowning:

Still having bad lag issues on 1930 regularly. Please help.

still with the same problem, the server runs like crap…

update, its getting worse,

not only you cant move , cause you rubber band back, it is also disconnecting everyone every 4 minutes or less, you get back in, and the server kicks everyone out …

FUNCOM get your damn act together and FIX your damn official servers … its 8:30 pm central time, in the case the NOT so smart people at gportal ask,

I can vouch for this. Same problem on 1930.

Ping sits around 300, and takes large spikes up into the 1000s.

Gets worse after 5PM PST. People are getting disconnected all the time. I have to leave all of my good gear inside a chest because risk of unrecoverable death is so high.

yes, and its getting old, the lack of action on whoever is responsible is becoming epic.

still nothing, the server is a piece of crap, courtesy of gportal,

besides the horrific lag, people is getting disconnected every 10 or so minutes while gportal idiots are looking the other way.

server still horrible very hard to play on it, lag spikes even even with 1 person online, 1020pings 2 fps, lag spikes get worse and more frequent when purge window is open. )

i cant believe this is not fixed yet. whats going on? @Community

thank you

We are stil with problems,… People getting disconnected in masses, lag spikes , yet no official word.

Dear funcom is this issue somehow important for you to fix?

Why the silence? Thank you

Funcom why are you still ignoring This issue, ?
People still having issues Lag spikes and People being desconected. AND YOU ARE DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT?

Funcom please do not complaint when people becomes more frustrated , and starts being no so nice if that happens its on you.

Your lack of communications is totally unprofessional. Thank you

Ignoring issues and doing nothing is a crap practice…

I wonder with the expansion it looks like the game might become more broken than it currently is.

funcom and those G-portal idiots still ignoring the issue server 1930 official, still with lag spikes and people getting disconnected) and they are DOING nothing! ( i am becoming increasingly frustrated.)

Should i start making a new thread every day? in each conan forum? in the hopes that you get your act together and start fixing the problem?

@Community you know i am not going to give up reporting the issue right? i am really having tons of patience with your silence, but it has limits…

just hear to report that funcom and / or Gportal has done nothing to FIX the 1930 official server, ZERO no action taken and no fixes has been done, and they keep looking elsewhere, not even replying and playing the fools ,

the server is still having lag spikes, and disconnects , and population is going down, because they simply dont want or dont know how to fix their damn game .

i wonder for how long is this issue will be present.

also , imagine a map expansion with the server problems this game is experiencing when it has to deal with more stuff in it.

looks like they don´t solve the problem or just ignoring

The server still has continued lag spikes that makes the game unplayable and has been in this state for weeks. We need an update!

Can you provide an update for us? This has been an ongoing issue for almost a month. We’ve been reporting constantly to gportal but nothing is being done.

Been lagging all day, multiple people on server are missing recipes randomly. I was just missing exquisite stew. I just disconnected twice within a 10 minute period right now. The game is literally unplayable. It’s been almost a month.

ITS FUNCOM new sport to ignore game issues, and to not respond to anyone that comes with complaints.

a tip for funcom:
( a company who cares comes forward, does not cowardly hides behind their desk and expect people to forget about the issue, ITS BEEN A FREAKING MONTH… without funcom doing CRAP to fix it.

Not so bad lag-wise on another server host company with private server, but then player numbers not nearly as big as Official servers used to be.

I wonder what the reciprocal service contracts gportal had/have with Funcom for official servers? And I wonder how they dealt with requiring the new dual server connection to lookup the new Funcom IDs. Am guessing that the very high connection checks in server logs have always been there, but are now more obvious since there’s now two servers to deal with.

Anyone know where the Funcom ID server(s) are hosted? Surely they are spread across all continents so that players in the Southern hemisphere and wherever else are not impacted by overall speeds?