Intense lag/rubber banding on server #3530

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As of yesterday, 4/5/2019, my entire clan and myself can’t do anything productive in the game, EVERYTHING is insanely laggy and and just doesn’t work, everything has been fine the past few days with just the normal lag as things render in, but this is 10000000x worse, as even after rendering, things don’t work. Can’t interact with our structures, pets, etc… Please please please look into this as it’s basically ruined the game for us, especially with the purge only a short time away from us, we can’t even experience that correctly until it’s fixed.

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Hey there @SoonerBoyXX

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Is there any part of your building not loading correctly when you’re experiencing this lag issue?

Yes! Everyone’s base on every server is like this! The game is damn near unplayable now! Even my smallest bass that is just used as a map room won’t load in all the way!

Intense lag on a private server I play on as well, either we get rubberbanding, invisible enemies/weapons, or some can’t connect at all. Bunch3z of noodz is our server.

Hey I’m having the same issue, I’ve just bounced my controller lol. Rubber banding, connection issues where it just shut down the game completely. Rendering issues aswell can anyone advise what to do?

This is a known, nasty issue our team is trying to squash. It’s been for the most part fixed on PC. Once we have a full fix ready, we’re going to deploy it to all consoles as a part of a bigger patch.
This is the thread we’ve been gathering info for the past few weeks:

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