Extreme rubber banding

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Server 3818 on ps4 has been rubber banding during raid hours for the last 3 days, its so bad you can’t logon 75% of the time you try. If you die you will not respawn, you’ll just stay dead. Its killing the server, hell, i can’t take no more. Its only during raid hours. Obviously someone is attacking the server using hacks or a exploit that causes massive lag.

This is the second time this has happened and i simply don’t have the patience required to babysit a dead clan while our enemies wait until we get fed up and just never log back on.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Wait until 8pm eastern time zone
  2. Try to log on server 3818

Hello @Iceboundend, thank you for getting in touch, we’ll look into this matter as soon as possible and will also reach out to G-Portal to determine if there are any server-side issues.

I’m also experiencing massive rubber banding within my base. Certain spots seem to trap me and the only way out is to remove the bracelet. Only started yesterday but its crazy. I can’t move around my own home.

Please help

Private server. Exile Challenge. Ps4

Hello @Munginho_10 , if you have a problem with a private server you need to contact your server admin so that he can determine whether it’s necessary or not to reach out to G-Portal.

OK thanks

Well, tonight is day 6.

6 hourss of being unable to do anything, literally anything other than waiting. This is my last “go” at conan, since the players that are causing this are a fairly large aand well known group of players. This is the the third time i’ve ran into them, i’ll just end up meeting them again if i migrate. my first time winning, but did i really win because i basically can’t play.

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