Rubberbanding causing conan to be unplayable

Game mode: [Online | PVE-C]
Problem: Rubberbanding
Region: [Here]

I have put so much time into this game. I love it. I have gone through alot of issues with this game but still push through, but now i can barely play. It drives me nuts that I cant even leave and enter my base without getting rubberbanded in all different directions. I’m glad the ppl at FC are fixing issues and listening to the players though.

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Also exiting and starting the climbing mechanic. The exit game and going back in can work, but is obviously not ideal. For interest, and likely coincidental, I got out of a locked state of rubber-banding four times in a row by placing a building piece and then deleting it.

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Welcome to the comunity. We all feel your pain my friend, because we all wait the hotfix. I know that this will not change your is quality for the next days but all i can say to you is patience. We have a promise for the week that comes that we will have the hotfix. However 2 small advices for the next days.
1)Do not wear or carry very rear items because the lags are really big and you might loise them and get really frustrated.
2)Always carry cleansing brew and telleport with a thrall. Teleporting right now is very dangerous and could become a reason to loose various items.

Wow that’s definitely strange about using a building piece to get rid of banding. Never would of thought to do that and I definitely will not gonna be carrying anything super important. I did notice something was off with the climbing as well. I’m looking forward to the fix and I hope now that they’ve got most combat and horse related issues resolved they can focus on just smoother gameplay.

Le jeu est injouable en ligne ou en solo c’est tout naze plusieurs serveurs sont cassés.

wich horse issue u talkin about? i use horse all the time in pvp also and i never had any issue with it. Actually iam pretty good at it being a dominant force and bullying people at the springs, UC and the sink.

I and my players are finding the rubber banding very upsetting. I have paid for our server instance for a year and I’m losing good, loyal players! My players are trying to be patient but this is waning and as admin/owner even I can’t log on and do my ‘job’ or help them. Is funcom able to help paid server owners out with some kind of dlc item compensation, and hopefully win people back?

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I’ve been having the rubberbanding issues as well but I went on another random server and it wasnt doing it then it’s only on my main server I play on every day

The rubber-banding issue is being worked on by the FunCom devs and it has been reported that there should be a patch that is likely this week.

I am having the same issues that the author of this thread has reported. Fortunately it is only I who have experienced the incredibly frustrating and impossible play on my server. I appreciate the FunCom team efforts and hope the “hotfix” corrects the problem. I am in A-fib and the stress of this is exasperating my heart condition; let alone mentioning the withdrawal symptoms I am enduring. I can only liken it to that of ending an opioid addiction, but let us call it a Conan addiction.

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