Game has been unplayable on PS4 for a week now, both single player (random instadeath) and online (rubberbanding)

Game mode: Online & Singleplayer
Problem: Bug

Are some people not having these issues? Any secret tips for self-help?

I see below that Funcom claims a patch will come at some point, but can I assume their lack of urgency means this game isn’t actually unplayable for everyone on PS4? If so, and these glitches are related to the last update, why would it only effect some players?

This seems odd to me. Regardless, Funcom please fix your game (it’s fun and I paid money for the privilege to play).


When you first log in, you can roll to get yourself unstuck. This also seems to be true when teleporting to an OB. When I roll it seems to take less time. I could be crazy though. :joy: Other then that patience. I’ve hit some random banding, as far as I’ve seen it’s just something you kinda have to wait out. I’m sure they will address these issues in the next patch.

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Hi @SubChapterK, welcome to the forums!

Both the rubberbanding and the instadeath issue will be addressed in an upcoming hotfix, which should be released within the next week, apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Setting yourself as admin at the beginning of every singleplayer sessions should help in dealing with the instant death.

Regarding the rubberbanding, a few workarounds have been shared to free the character from the initial rubberbanding, such as rolling and opening your inventory:

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I cant play since the update! I have tried everything! I reinstalled, I did single player I did all the little quirk fixes and I cant MOVE!!! PLEASE fix!

If you’re talking about when you first load into a game, being unable to move.
Try rolling. That should allow you to move freely.

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That does not work

When I’ve had this happen to me, usually performing a dance emote then canceling it helps to get me unstuck.

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Thanks. I’ll give these suggestions a try.

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