PS4 Rubberbanding Workarounds

With the latest patch, we have an unintended issue with the load ins. Those of you who haven’t experienced it, congrats. I have personally experienced it multiple times after - Using a map and teleporting to an obelisk, dying in a battle ground and loading back at my bed (Curiously, this was at my bed, but never at the bedroll), and the one time I blue screened, it happened.

I did a fair amount of testing to figure out how to minimize the issue. This does not, in any way, reduce the frustration, but it does help get out of the situation. Each of these has worked for me on multiple occasions.

Steps on soapbox
I did this to try to find a way to help the community at large, because, let’s face it, getting on the forum and whining doesn’t help. Working with computer programming for close to forty years has taught me a thing or two, and if you are the programmer who has never made a mistake, and your programs work perfectly every time, you are the only one. We bow to your superior coding skills. The rest of us know that mistakes happen, and usually the people who use the program find the issues since the programmers can’t test everything.

For those inevitable posts about how I don’t understand your point of of view, or I don’t have the right, I don’t really care. If you don’t have anything but complaints, keep your mouth shut. This is strictly to help deal with the current issue. Constructive criticism is helpful. Yelling “game breaking unplayable” and “players will quit” is not helpful (Keep in mind that this point applies to every issue).

I play with a friend who is in England, has over 200 ping, experiences lag, and still is one of the best fighters in the game.

So, deal with it, or walk away.

Stepping off the soapbox

I realize these solutions might not mitigate players on PvP who will camp at obelisks to kill you. These players are what are known as “Jerks”. They should be eliminated.

On to the workarounds!

1 - Simple is better. Crouch and walk forward.
2 - Open your inventory and scroll through the feats, etc.
3 - Walk forward. Hold the stick and open your inventory. When you see yourself move forward, you’re out.
4 - Go into a perpetual roll, open your inventory. When you finish the roll, you’re out.

The key here seems to be opening the inventory.

If you are concerned about the Sinkhole, you can’t actually fall into the Sinkhole, unless you are walking towards it. I rolled off the side this morning.


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