Dodge roll "rubberbanding"

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Bug
Region: America

When rolling to avoid enemy attacks you will sometimes “rubberband” back to the same position where you started the dodge roll.

This seems to be worse in two situations…

  1. When facing multiple opponents
  2. When engaged directly touching an enemy

This is an extremely frustrating bug as it has caused my death a few times now, as when you “rubberband” back into the pile you’re instantly attacked again.

Another strange issue of this bug is that you will sometimes roll the opposite direction of where you intended to go. I will attempt to roll backwards and instead be rolled forwards after a brief bit of stutter, which is not great if there are other enemies in that direction.


Hi, i think thats part of the cripple effect, im not sure if its intended? I tested this last night for about an hour, it would have that effect every time cripple was activated, and it got worse with more stacks :slight_smile:

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I also notice it tends to happen more when auto/face or auto-targeting is locked on a foe.


Exactly, couldn’t have said it better myself :slight_smile:

This is more likely issue with netcode or latency itself. Once server detects/update your position you get back to your real location. You are not supposed to roll/move thru enemy hitboxes

LoL, yea and it seemed like the mace was doing most of the rubberbanding, it was hard to tell there was 4 to 5 NPCs hitting me at the same time :joy:

The solution Will be using a heavy armor build with encumbrance just to stay Still and deliver heavy punish.

It seems our Xbox friends are finally getting the parity patch in the next hour.

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That is not a solution for the rubberbanding game bug. That is solution that forces a change in game play style preference.

The Medium and Light armor are part of the game and the player should not be penalized by rubberbanding for using an item that is meant to be part of the game.

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Sometimes hitting the jump button first will get me out of this.

Solution is to raise your situational awareness and not get surrounded by NPCs (especially because AI is as dumb as it can get)… As I said earlier, you can’t go thru NPC hitboxes (collision), as soon as you figure what that means, you will figure it out why you get rubberbanding. Wearing heavy armor will just delay inevitable results of your mistakes.

Also, storming into the area full of NPCs to fight them is not really a playstyle.

It does not always happen when surrounded by foes. It happens in one on one combat too, quite frequently. I find it interesting that some think that hidden foes can never surprise a player.

I never roll INTO the enemies’ hitboxes, I roll away from them, and I still get rubber-banding. But if my camera is facing the enemies, and I roll back, I don’t get this effect. If I face my camera away from the enemies, and still roll away from them, that’s when I get in the same position I am actually trying to get away from.

You assume you know how others are playing tactically. Who said anything about storming into an area? I certainly did not. I commented on a rubberbanding bug that happens even when taking on a single foe. Do not assume you automatically know the game tactics of others if they are not specifically stated.

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Absolutely not. This is a mechanical problem not a “situational awareness problem”. Part of the mechanics of roll is access to iframes to avoid enemy active attack frames. There’s a whole system associated with your roll length and iframes based on your gear weight. That’s why you just bunny hop in heavy armor (lowest roll distance and smallest amount of iframe).

Dodging and skill timing iframe rolls are what’s supposed to mechanically make light armor viable. You mitigate damage by being evasive NOT by soaking damage. No one is expecting to be able to roll through hitbox collision that’s something else entirely.

Rubberbanding rolls is a problem. Rendering enemies and collision environments late is a problem. I don’t know what causes it but I know it contributes to the majority of my deaths.


Happens to me a lot when facing larger enemies like rhinos


Well, I belive you’re all wrong, you have to look in the direction you want to roll, you can’t look at an enemy and do a forward roll in the opposite direction. Unless this isn’t the issue, don’t pay attention to this.

  1. I will check tonight to see if it is exclusive to the cripple effect or if that makes it worse. I do believe I recall this not being a factor every time I had this issue though, more testing tonight.

  2. I actually do not use the auto-target system as I hate what it does with my camera so it is not tied to that (though my bud who does use auto-target has the same problem)

  3. It could have something to do with the enemy hit boxes as it seems to occur mainly when I’m directly touching an enemy, maybe the server isn’t correctly showing where an enemy is with the character model? Then when you attempt a roll the animation/positioning check occurs before the check to see if you are unobstructed to roll in that direction when dealing with NPCs? (as opposed to terrain)

  4. I will try to jump first and see if this helps

  5. I’m going to check on the camera thing and see if that could be a cause, though off the top I’m pretty sure my camera is always facing the back of my character

  6. You can roll in any direction regardless of what direction your character is facing

It’s a very frustrating issue and I want nothing more then for it to be patched and done with. Regardless I’ll see how it goes tonight and test some of these theories out.

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You can’t roll towards your camera if your character is facing it or if you’re standing parallel too it.

Oh man in every other game you can do that, looking in a different direction while running, rolling, whatever. You have those two sticks on the controller specifically for this. So stop.