Game breaking bug PS4

Game mode: [
Problem: Bug

Rubber banding in multiple spots, and weird sideways screen glitch.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Die, rubber banding at bed
  2. Teleport rubber banding at obelisk
  3. Walking off elevator rubber banding
  4. Walking near blacksmith bench rubber banding
  5. Walking near maproom rubber banding
  6. Walking near tannery rubber banding
  7. Randomly makes screen go sideways, after locking on

Same with me:

Login, try to move, rubber band back to original position.

Log out, try again: Same issue. Can’t move, it just rubber bands.

I’ve tried to re-login 15+ times to no avail.

All of this since last update. Sure the game doesn’t lock up every 10 minutes now but at least I could move my character before!!

Might want to fix this, all I see are posts about it and no responses.

Totally unplayable and my bases are going to decay.

Not impressed.

Let’s hope the hotfix is soon because now the game is a total disaster. I love the game and i play nothing else for a year now. Still if they won’t fix it soon i will have to quit :cry: and i really don’t want to. But the way the game is now, is really frustrating.

Hello @LandongamerLostboy, welcome to the community!

The rubberbanding issue will be addressed in the upcoming hotfix, which will be released as soon as possible.

About the screen going sideaways, can you confirm that this issue occurs only after locking on to targets, at random times?

One quick fix is to roll, and open your inventory. It works.


I’ve only ever had it happen after locking on

I’d like to add, I usually rubber band after opening a UI, usually UI of work benches or vaults

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