Rubberbanding and leaning view

Game mode: [Online
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [American
Glitching outta bed. Glitching after teleporting. And world leaning sideways.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue: the game
2.before and after patch

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May as well turn decay timer off to be fair. Or till you can get it fixed. It’s almost unplayable now. Play Call of Duty till i can login and teleport without having bouncing issues or gain a bunch of corruption due to unmaneuverability. Plus running across a slanted screen. New QA did a great job checking this one smh.

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I have a couple of locations where bracelet removal/spawn can recreate toon-floating sometimes, but I’m seeing no occurrence today. I have teleported a few times too, and I’m not getting that stylish Dutch Tilt either. Maybe Danny Boyle got into your PS4? :smiley: :wink:

But seriously, are you saying that post-patch you’re achieving the state of “floating over textures” with more frequency? Is it only at the Sinkhole Obelisk?

Logging in or teleporting i have to emote or roll to move or it jumps me back and forth in the same spot. And everything feels and looks tilted. I can make a YouTube video if you’d like.

You are right, speaking for ps4 the game now is very annoying. I try to stay calm and kind but this time i just can’t. I can’t play. Every time i log in i have several jobs i have to do in my base. Being bugged and unable to move it’s annoying. This problem must be fixed ‘yesterday’ or it will be game over

No, not necessary, thanks. Are you connecting to the web with WiFi or hardwired? If WiFi, please briefly try hardwired if you can. Finally, while in this state, try squatting and walking. It can clear the rubber-banding in many cases.

Ethernet. I can jump in place fine. If i run in place it bounces me back and forth in an invisible box. I can’t get out of it unless i emote or roll. Spawning in or teleporting. And it’s happening to some European Players on this server also Official 3502 American Server. They live in England. I didn’t know emoting worked till they told me.

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You’re pretty savvy, technically. Have you been able to discern you server’s IP address? If so, is it possible to run a tracert (Windows Trace Route) to this destination?

There is a history of this on the PC. I’m going to need some time to look back on it, please stand by.

I’m on a PS4 Pro unfortunately. Wish i was PC.

No I know. I play on the PS4 too. I’m just researching it to see when was the last time we had it.

Just last night I had to use the emote trick to get me to engage with an elevator. So it is repeatable, just haven’t found the “magic” yet.

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It’s most dangerous at Sinkhole cause you go all the way down.

Hey @n2wichita75, the rubberbanding issue will be addressed in the upcoming hotfix.

Regarding the leaning camera, did that issue only occur with the latest patch? Does it persist after character death and are you able to reproduce it?

Happened only the once teleporting to Sinkhole. Lasted till i close dapplication and logged back in.

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