Can't move or game freezes

Game mode: [Online | PVP]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [EU, UK]

When loading in I can’t move, I’m stuck to the ground,if I try to roll and jump it repeats the action at a rapid pace in the same spot many times. So I get the rolling or jumping animation hundreds of times before I can move. Sometimes I can walk but only a short distance before I’m teleported back to my spawn point.

Also, at times what’s showing on my screen does not match what’s going on in game. For example, I’d be running and my Stamina bar will stop moving, but if I was close to ane enemy I would hear them attacking although on my screen it’s not happening. The most annoying part is when it happens close to an enemy and you get killed, are unae to select to spawn at your bed so end up being disconnected and spawn in the desert with all your belongings lost.

Today has been especially bad. It is not my connection or Internet speed I’ve tested that. It happens to multiple of my friends who play the game. And it only happens on this game.

Also it’s not the server, I’ve went through multiple servers hoping the issue will fix itself but it has not.
At time the message pops up that I’ve lost connection to the server. For no reason

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Login
  2. Try to move
  3. Play and the game freezes but your character is still in the world
  4. You get killed and spawn in desert

Hello @RaspyOstrich98, the rubberbanding issue was introduced in the last patch and will be addressed in an upcoming hotfix, which should be released within the next week, apologies for the inconvenience caused.

A few workarounds have been shared to free the character from the initial rubberbanding, such as rolling and opening your inventory:

Regarding other connectivity issues, could you confirm that your console is on a wired connection?

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@Hugo my ps4 is wireless I have connected with an Internet cable but it still keeps happening. Its not only me but a few of my friends, who have cable connections. It seems to be completely random to who it happens. And it is so frustrating because I die but I can’t see th who’s attacking me and I lose everything, its becoming unplayable. I’m on official server 3217 now

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For, I was riding on my horse, got to my house but the bottom part of the walls were missing and I could see inside. So I turned off the game and reloaded it, to appear in the desert again, with my food and drink bars empty, and showing that I have corruption although I did not have it before I turned off the game.
So I turned the game off an on again, spawned in the desert. I looked in the events log to see what killed me, but there was nothing. I could only see “server has started” and “server has shut down” multiple times, but nothing else

Thank you for sharing further information, we’ll reach out to G-Portal to run some checks in that specific server to determine if there are any issues on their end.

@Hugo thank you, could you post an update

Many times that happend.When you oppen a chest the game crassed

I appear on the bed and cant move when i died. I appear in the middle of the roft

Hi @LAVIN, please open a new thread posting further information as indicated here: