Ps4 Conan Exiles patch 1.64 "hot fix" made things worse

Ever since the update ive been comstantly freezing up to like 20 to 30 secs then randomly teleporting way ahead and rubberbanding. Its driving me crazy i hope there is another hot fix because its damn near unplayable right now for me idk if anyone else is experiencing these bugs but its never ran this bad in the year & a half ive been playing

They have said that before the release of siptah update 2.4 will arrive, it should fix those problems.


I do find I freeze more now the first time I try to access any container or inventory. But this is normally only the first time each play session.


Hey @N-R-87

It would helps us relaying this information to our team if you could let us know if these issues you’re experiencing are in single player, coop, a private server or in an official server.
Thank you in advance.

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@Community my ps4 server has been down six mornings in a row now. I suppose it doesn’t come back up after reset. Is this something being addressed in upcoming patch or should I send a message to Zendesk? Should I turn off daily reset.I can’t get up 1AM every morning.

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Hey @sestus2009

In the case of private servers we recommend getting in touch with G-Portal via their custommer support page. We don’t have access or control over privately owned servers.


OK I just needed to know what direction to take.


I have noticed that the rubber banding/lag teleporting really starts when more players are on the server at the same time and at certain times of the day (especially prime time) I just assume it’s Sony equalizing their broadband use so all players are at equal speeds.

And no it is not my internet as I am top speeds, I even do regular resets on my router and I check my PS4 speeds connection which is usually at the 90mbs - 100+ area with a base of 4.1 - 5.6 upload. I think the lowest I had was maybe 60mbs and I don’t have any problems unless more than five or more players (all different clans) are on the server during prime time.

I also play on official servers.

And if I play other games, I don’t have the rubber banding or lag teleporting, but Conan Exiles has a lot of building and breaking and item creation going on at the same time for multiple players. Who know what causes it.


The admin of the server where the game was used was recommended by gportal to disable automatic reboots until the problem is resolved, anyway it is good that you get in touch with them.

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@cristihan just got a message from Gportal saying they are currently working on it. Not user friendly using a cell phone. Thanks.

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This is the way

Solo/coop offline. Australia.
Mine used to freeze terminally several times per session, would wait 20 min. Then have to restart, play for a bit, freeze again, repeat. Since 1.64 the game has been so buggy that I can’t even play long enough to determine if this has been fixed. The stamina system feels like an Emphysemic Granny Simulator, Thralls won’t place and need coddling like a Tamagochi, settings won’t save, settings not available, everyone is blonde, followers not healing (so die unexpectedly) … I’m sure these have all been reported but, instead of a fix for the base game, we get a massive DL for an optional DLC that I don’t have and, based on the “support” of the base game, would NEVER buy. Is there any word on when 1.64 issues will be corrected? I loved this game, bought several copies for friends so we could Co-op, but it has become unplayable since 1.64.

Im playing on ps4 official server 3736

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Thank you for the confirmation. We’ve sent note to our team :slight_smile:

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