Extremely choppy game play

Game mode: [Online server 3732 pve
Problem: walking, moving glitchs in the same spot over and over again then release
Region: US

after last patch been driving me crazy with rhis glitch that happens when walking etc. like it stutters then after a few glitches it resumes. really bad when you teleport and you can get away from gaining corruption. my intetnet is fine now problems but ever since latest patch game olay has been suckin because you get discourraged quickly with this problem all the time

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. log in (you need to role to actually move)
  2. walk aeound… happens almost instantly
  3. teleport, you freeze while gaining coruption

Hello @dj_harley99, this rubberbanding issue will be addressed in an upcoming hotfix, which should be released within the next week, apologies for the inconvenience caused.

A few workarounds have been shared to free the character from the initial rubberbanding, such as rolling and opening your inventory:

Try when it happens mid fight due to the lag and U end up getting hit on attacks U have dodged on your screen but the server says nope. And when Ur getting ganked by the mobs and one or 2 end up teleporting behind U due to lag cutting off your escape (harder now due to the changes to movement and dodgeing) then bam Ur dead and wonder how did that happen

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