Crashing/texture issues/ extreme lag and rubberbanding

please help and update this please I play on PS4 server 3529

still am freezing and crashing after patch update extremely frustrating I will die or lose followers due to freezing crashing having to restart application then load into my guy being killed or follower being killed due to enemies killing me because I crashed.

major rubberbanding issues and lag because of humongous bases and performance on new update please fix.

textures not loading in properly all the time because of huge bases and or performance of the new update patches has fixed some things but these things are still occuring please fix

also zombies are invisible a lot of the time or resurrected corpses


My group just started on the exile lands after doing siptah for a while - it’s almost unplayable. Barely playable in pve in a pacifist sense. Good luck if you get in a fight, rubberbanding all over.

Just walking you’re bouncing around.

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