Crashing/texture issues/ extreme lag and rubberbanding

please help and update this please I play on PS4 server 3529

still am freezing and crashing after patch update extremely frustrating I will die or lose followers due to freezing crashing having to restart application then load into my guy being killed or follower being killed due to enemies killing me because I crashed.

major rubberbanding issues and lag because of humongous bases and performance on new update please fix.

textures not loading in properly all the time because of huge bases and or performance of the new update patches has fixed some things but these things are still occuring please fix

also zombies are invisible a lot of the time or resurrected corpses


My group just started on the exile lands after doing siptah for a while - it’s almost unplayable. Barely playable in pve in a pacifist sense. Good luck if you get in a fight, rubberbanding all over.

Just walking you’re bouncing around.

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And what’s worse many servers are getting wiped by infinite bomb glitchers and @Funcom are refusing to acknowledge it or disable PVP. Mods like Melcom even deleted my thread trying to expose it

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yea I really believe they should put a cap on building people are going to be unhappy either way but I think the best thing to do to generally make people happy is put a cap on building so performance of the game runs smooth as possible and you should still be able to build a lot but not where a building is a mile long obviously the game cannot handle it.

I started a new server, and right out the gate straight rubberbanding nonstop for 30 minutes. No building were made.

So of it is funcom, some is gportal - mine was a gportal issue. Like another user stated, how much of it is actually gportal and not funcom? But I believe more pressure should be put on gportal


You started on a new official server or started your own? My wife and I were playing on our private ps4 server earlier we had a invisible shaleback 2 scull boss and things were not clicking along properly but we didn’t freeze hopefully they fix things soon. @Iswut


I feel Gportal has alot to do with it.


yea that could be true I never really thought about that and just assumed it was because of all the new data and memory from update and then a lot of building. What would cause it from gportals side do you guys know? and yea hopefully they get it fixed soon because whatever it is I know the game has ran a lot smoother in the past so I have hope they will get it back at that stage again hopefully soon.

yea it could be gportal as well but I do notice anytime they release a big update or something similar there are bugs that occur then they have to send out a few patches to get the game back to where it was before the major update. it happened with siptah I believe, dungeon updates, this update and others it seems to always happen what’s good though is they seem to eventually get it back to normal but I don’t know what causes it. maybe because it’s new and more data into the game and the coding isn’t a 100% on it , maybe it’s the data files and memory on how much the game is taking in, it could be coding issues, big bases loading in, new update models, gportal I have no clue it could be a few of those things. I love funcom and Conan exiles I just hope they fix all of this really soon.

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It is an official server pve

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I started a private server with them.

Went to siptah and it seems fine-ish. Texture issues/slight occasional rubberbanding but nothing too detrimental except for building. When building I’d notice a lot of my pieces just vanish as I was building. It was frustrating. Occasionally the game would freeze in menus like bazaar and battle pass screen. Heaven forbid you went to check challenges in a fight.

Then my group decided to go to exile lands, and oh boy, it was bad. Couldn’t run/walk/climb/fight/exist without rubberbanding. Playing pvp was impossible - little alone pve. We played as long as we could to see if it would improve - but it didn’t. Gportal recommended that we deleted the server since it was new and redo it. So we did, but every time the game was the same.

So I had to contact support again and after hours of back and forth with tweaks in their end, the game was finally playable.

Mind you, we’ve dealt with issues still, but they’re manageable. Rubberbanding still. Occasionally an invisible boss here and there. But overall the game is playable just frustrating because between the two, funcom and gportal it’s hard to tell which issues is caused by which company.

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Understand completely. Our server disappeared after 3.0 restarted several times and it shows up under pve instead of pve-c update changed some settings .

yea and official servers are having bad issues too this seems to happen after every big update and then they have to send a few patches out to get to where it was from before, I always play on official personally and right now I am experiencing freezing and crashing arriving at my base or other people’s bases a lot, ground textures, mountains, armor, and other textures are always conflicting between loading fine then unloading loading fine then unloading. then while doing sorcery a lot of times you crash too I have seen a lot of others complain about same issues on forums too my friend and I are experiencing this. I hope they fix all of this really soon and I have the same issues once in awhile with the bazaar and battle pass at times.


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