Walking and running issues

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [H3 on map]

Yesterday I started having an issue simply moving in game, I would walk or run a step or two and bounce back to where I started, like walking into an invisible wall… it occurs both near buildings and away from them… dodge rolling occasionally fixes it for a minute or two, but it just happens again.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Load game
  2. Push up on Left Stick to walk forward a step
  3. Bounce back a step
  4. Hold up on Left Stick and make no forward movement

It’s called “rubberbanding” and it was supposed to be fixed already from what I understand.

rubberbanding to what though? I thought rubberbanding occurred when one player was too far from the host player… I rent the server, which is private, and I was the only one playing at the time… also, it occurs in different, seemingly random locations and it just started yesterday but I’ve been playing on this server for a week without this issue

So I did what I should have done before writing my first reply and googled ‘rubberbanding’ lol and found I was mistaken and you were absolutely right, it is in fact what is happening to me, and it is now happening so much the game is unplayable

I’m sorry to hear that. It happens to me a lot but only when I first login. Then it stops. It was supposed to be fixed awhile ago but people still experience it. All I can suggest is right click on the game in steam and go to properties I think it is and see if verifying files helps at all.

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Hi @Xanthiux, as this is happening on a private server that you own, are you restarting the server on a daily basis?

Is your console on a wired connection or is it connected to your router through wireless?

FLS is a bandwith hog. Its more important they someone sees what you do, that being able to play

FLS is not present on the current console builds, so this issue can’t be related to it.

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Hi Hugo, my console uses a wired connection… it is a private server that I rent, but it is also my first experience renting a server for any game and I was not aware that daily restarts were recommended… I will start doing that today and get back to you in a few days to let you know if it helps, thanks!

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