Day 7 of extreme rubber banding

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [America]

So its been a week of a server-wide lag that only starts 40 or so mins before raid hour starts, on server 3818 ps4. Theres still people playing.

Whats the deal? A gportal employee starts his netflix binge or something? We are on a pvp server, but during raid hours you cant logon, you cant die and you can’t check event log, if you try these, you’ll be staring at a loading screen for 30 min.

Its a server-wide issue, it affects the 20 or so people still refreshing their claims, but thats all they can do. Oddly enough, AI still works, spawning of nodes an AI work

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Try to logon server 3818
2.Wait 20 mins to connect
3.Check event log
4.Wait 20 mins for event log to load

I think this is happening in all servers, because I am in 3209 and the server has crashed, several times, (never before) things that are in your inventory disappear, yet you are over encumbered 200%. You can’t move sometimes and if you do you rubberband back. Lost connection to server, log in kicks you out, dropped lag spikes. It’s all happened this week on the server, and looks like in yours too.

I just recently left that server. A lot of defense spamming if i remember correctly. That can be an issue. basically anyone logging into those areas is drawing resources from the server. The more people on, the worse it will get. That may or may not be the issue. But that is usually what i have experienced on volatile servers with major wars and spamming every where to defend against trebs.

Hello @Iceboundend, G-Portal is currently looking into this server, please refrain from making inappropriate comments.

@Babyfacekane we’ve sent G-Portal note regarding Server #3209 as well, thank you for pointing this out.

Server #3209 is still crashing, did it several times today you load in have no stamina, rubberband around, empty inventory yet your over encumbered, because your things are in fact on you, just says they they are not, until it eventually disconnects again. There has been all kinds of weird things that have been happening not just these examples. It is not my connection because it happens to my clan mate and she is in another country. As well as the names in the lobby all go into a different order as if people are rejoining again. It’s very unstable and a shame, for people who are trying to enjoy the game.

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