Official EU PVP Server 3213

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Just wanted to report to admin Hugo that this server has been extremely laggy as of late, it went from great a couple of weeks ago to severe lag spikes, and rubber banding. Also when the server does the normal daily server reset in the early morning hours, it double resets or triple. What I mean is you will be kicked from the server with the usual message that “host has closed the connection”. So then you wait and wait for the server to reappear in the list, you enter it the moment it is shows back, load in, and then it will give the warning message server will reset in 5 mins (again) and then it shuts down like it just did again, you repeat the waiting process and then finally get to log back in and stay, like 20 mins later! from the first reset.
Something is wonky here, not to mention how bad the lag has gotten. Also want to mention that the server has completely crashed out during the day, several times, when it does this, you need to reload back in because we get kicked. The tell tell sign when the server is about to crash is your stamina doesn’t regenerate and the server player list goes completely blank.
I know this is not just my connection either because all my clan mates from different locations experience the same lag spikes at the same time while playing the game doing various things. Can you get someone to take a look at these errors or issues with this 3213 official server?. Thanks!.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.load in and play pvp on this server.
2.Play the game during late night before/after the daily reset.
3. Experience lag spikes.
4. Experience rubber banding.

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Hello @Babyfacekane, apologies for the delay in our response.

This server has undergone maintenance today and this problem should be addressed, could you please let us know if your experience has improved?

I believe the maintenance helped some, so thanks for addressing this issue Hugo.


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