Server Crash Gone Again! 3216 EU

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Server #3216 Down!
Just a few moments ago, game starting lagging and skipping horribly, after a few mins, server completely crashed. It is not showing in the server list, and now i will lose all my t3 building materials because i fell off a cliff due to the awful lag/rubberbanding trying to make it back to base. WTH man!!! Do better, this is some BS.

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Server 3026 equal. Yesterday also happened. What about the servers funcom??

Agreed it needs sorted I’m on 3216 too, and that’s now 2 days in a row it’s gone down me and my clan were raging about it so I know your pain.

Also 3215 second day to bad hoop it’s fix soon

3136 down again too, hopefully it won’t take 12+ hours to fix this time :cry:


Hi 3219 down again :frowning:

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15hrs after topic was made and still official #3216 eu server still down. :rage:

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Server 3026 is still down as well, 15 hours and counting…


I guess they don’t work Sundays :sweat_smile:

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Looks like it doesnt it! :rage::rage::rage:

Babyfacekane what clan are you in on 3216?

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