3216 EU server crashed everyday

Game mode: Online / oficial server
Problem: Crash
Region: 3216 EU

I contact you again due to oficial server 3216 EU crashed/Lag/shutdown everyday. People server can, t play conan and we Are very tired.
Please funcom, we Need fix this problem. We don, t play 1 week ago.

Thank very much

Hey there,

Please read Is your server unavailable? Use our report tool!

See also: Useful links.

I usé this method Everyday, EVERYDAY. Funcom hollydays?
Anybody could help us?? Sincerelly this situation is
Shamefull. How can it work SO BAD!!??

Please be patient. Reports go to G-portal, which hosts the official servers. European G-portal staff also have holidays right now (EU law). Sending additional reports will only slow down fixing other issues, not speed up fixing your own. They will see your report and they will look into when they get there.

I suggest you make one more report as detailed as possible and provide timestamps for when this issue happens, so that they can verify the event logs. Collect information from other players, if possible. Then, wait up to 14 workdays (weekends not included) and check if your issue has been resolved. Issues can’t always be instantly fixed.

Furthermore, I’m sure Hugo will see this post eventually and poke G-portal staff.

Hello @Cid, this issue has been brought up with G-Portal and it’s being investigated, apologies for the situation.

good morning today I woke up in the desert, but I have nothing of what we did yesterday we built, we learned, we rushed, I have lost all the materials, animals, armor, weapons, please I need to recover everything, thank you

Hi @Gibbor16, welcome to the forums.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide any refunds of materials or equipment lost, as there is no MMO-like admin support for the game in official servers.

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Hey there,

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Actually, server is lagger ( imposible to play)
15:00 GMT +2 started problem

21:29 GMT +2 and server continuous lagger , today we haven’t been able to play for a week. you think this is normal but in any company this is a disaster

Server work OK now. There are only two people, last week there were 30/40 per day.

We had the same problem on official server 3151:

I am not sure why but the lag eventually stopped. The server died anyway, not because of lag, but bc Funcom messed up badly but thats another story

17:35 GMT+2 SERVER DOWN, another day don, t play.

17:00 GMT+2 server lagger, again. I suppose it is a computer mystery impossible to solve. in any case, another day without being able to enjoy a product that paid. 20 years playing video games something like this has never happened to me

Thank very much
@TheLOLxd2 @Hugo

Hey there,

Please don’t keep tagging people. They will see your replies regardless. Replies posted during weekends and holidays will be looked into asap.

Sidenote: I am not a Funcom employee :wink: