All NPCs rubberbanding

This is the only game in my whole house that has an issue. Every other game on every other system I have including my PS works great except Conan( i know what a big shocker). I have hardline fiber optic internet with amazing speed. I can log into the game and run around just fine but every NPC, animal, enemy, clan mate, basically everything in this game that moves rubber bands horribly. If I kick a deer it stutters and glitches all over the screen then rubber bands back to right where it is. I know funcom does not care about its community and I doubt it will do anything to help except ask me to recreate the problem and tell me its probably my internet which it is not… so any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance-- a guy who just wants to play the game he paid way too much money for.

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If anybody has any ideas or suggestions. I even went into my modem and made sure all the ports were opened. I shouldnt have to do that bull crap but I did.

This is the way this game is. Get a 2-handed sword. it will hit the deer no matter where it runs.

Yes and how would you suggest I fight a player and his thrall?? Close my eyes and use a 2 hander. Serious suggestions only please.

I am serious. This game can be modded very nicely. If you want to fight someone join an RP community.

What can I say. I’ve got 5k hours in this game. Most of that RP, because I do share the rubberbanding experience with you. 4 years later it’s still rubberbanding.

Not only does your opening comment basically guarantee that FC shouldn’t offer to help, but then when someone offers a suggestion, rather than a simple “nah, thanks” you lash out like a complete a**. Why would anyone help you with anything?

5 will get you 10 your internet became sentient and realized that you needed the frustration to build character.

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nah, thanks

That translates to “I want to play on servers lacking hardware to run the game.”

Though unfortunately as a console users, G-Portal monopolized console hosting. The issues you’re running into means the server needs a restart. Better servers will go a few days before the rubberbanding, which means it never happens on servers with regular restarts on decent hardware.

Are you saying that console servers do not reboot daily? Just curious as I have never played anything but PC and all of the officials always reboot every morning.

I don’t know if they do. Though I’m under the assumption that they probably do. However I have seen servers that require more than a daily restart.

Though with G-portal, every experience I’ve personally seen with rubberbanding was solved by taking the database and moving it… well anywhere else. Even my personal machine (at the time a i7 4790K, with a 10Mb/s upload) fixed the issue.

Admittedly anecdotal, but I’m not alone in this experience.

The rubberbanding you describe isn’t necessarily a problem with your connection. It could also be a problem with the server.

Have you tried playing on different servers or just that one? If you tried different servers, does it happen on every server or are there differences? Does everyone else on the server experience similar issues or is it just you?

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