Massive Rubberbanding

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Region: [EU]

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Hay there … since 2 days I’ve a massive rubberbanding on 15 different official servers …

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.check login list (max ms 66)

2.check 15 servers ( empty and full )
3.watching other players teleporting around me ( and NPCs
4.reinstall : Conan , my router , changing ports , trying hotspot by phone , calling my provider - nothing helps .

We all are. I’ve had this issue for almost 3 weeks now no matter what official server i go to. It has to be gportals servers since this many people have issues. Have you only had it for 2 days???

This kind of lags …yes !!before was it just the normal issues of lags in Conan :joy:
Iam going to try it today again with a new account and if it doesn’t work … pls contact me when funcom fix it I will come back then ahaha

Hello @Kombar, please specify which servers are giving you issues and the time at which it’s happening so we can look into the situation together with G-Portal.

3222 ( the worst one ) and sadly our main server :frowning:
I got that problems since 2 days …
Greetings :+1:

Okay I’ve checked a privat Server and It’s working perfect … so just the official servers are a Problem

Thank you for clarifying, 3209 has recently undergone maintenance and should be running stable, could you give it another go and let us know if you still have any issues with it and at what specific time of the day?

Regarding the other servers, we’ll poke G-Portal about them.

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Okay Update :
No issues , no Rubberbanding , no lags !
It is working working perfect now !
Thanks for the help :)!
I wish you a great day :)!!!

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Bravo, thank you, you are great :+1:

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