Extreme rubber-banding on all official servers

Ever since the age of sorcery update, I’ve experienced extreme rubber-banding on all official servers.
It’s at a point where you can’t even properly play the game. (Enemies standing still for 3 seconds, then teleporting 10 meters, repeat)
I cant include links in my post for some reason, but I do have footage of it.

I have tried the following things to resolve it, but none have worked:

  • waiting (This has been happening for over 3 weeks now)
  • switching servers (all 5 servers I’ve tried have this problem, their ping is never higher than 50 though)
  • using a VPN
  • restarting my router
  • reinstalling the entire game

My game is installed on an SSD on a high-end gaming PC. I have a decent internet connection and have never had this issue before the recent update.

This also happens to my friend who lives on the other side of the country, so it’s not something local to me or my area AFAIK.

Any idea what I can do?
Is there a way I can reach out to a support team? The official support page only redirects me to here.



I’m not getting extreme rubber banding on my official server.

Might just be on the server you are on.

Like I said, this happens on every server I have tried
Which server do you play on? That way I can join and confirm it’s happening to me while it’s fine for others.

I’ve had this intermittently ever since 3.0, relogging (exit to menu and enter again through the godawful server browser) usually fixes it for me, but it sounds like that won’t cut it for you.


Can confirm, re-logging does not work

The symptoms you are experiencing can be fixed by a server restart. I doubt there’s much you can do other than finding a server that’s closer geographically (lower ping).

This also happens on servers with 10-30 ping.

Yeah, I’ve experienced extreme rubber banding on my server. Usually happens in the evenings.

You play on all of the official servers? How do you live?

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I have that on occasion but my problem is high ping on the servers I play on. Have not been able to log in for 4 days due to high ping. I checked again tonight and it is down but still 1 tick higher than allowed.

Have you tried direct connecting? It’ll allow you to connect regardless of ping with the IP and port, which you should be able to search online for if it’s an official server.

3952 Official. Like I said, not happening for me. Sorry.

I’m not saying it’s not happening at all. I’m just qualifying the extent here.

Good luck otherwise.

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I dont have almost any rubberbanding…

Are you sure you are on the right region for you? Like, not playing across Atlantic?
Im afraid this is somehow on your end… But in certain cases it can be down to ISP…

I have not, can you tell me how I go about finding that number? Thank you for the suggestion.

Nah not necessarily. Otherwise, relogging wouldn’t consistently make any difference the way it does for me. I am on a super stable optical connection, PC plugged directly into the router and the game can be completely unplayable (literally, not hyperbole), one relog later and there’s no issue. It’s not on the user’s end just because it doesn’t happen to everybody.

If you google search Conan Exiles Official Server #XXXX it should give you a link to a battlemetrics link like this Official server #1941 PvE Conflict - g-portal.com - BattleMetrics

You can find the IP and port there, then choose the direct connect option at the bottom left of the server screen in game and type the game port IP and port in exactly as shown, in the above example.

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It kind depends on the time of day and how much players are playing
The numbers have gone down lately and the lag is also getting less

Better server performance is a must if the game popularity is to be remained

No, I’ve been trying to find one where I can get started and where this doesn’t happen

Interesting, that one doesn’t even show up for me, even if I search for it directly

Yes, unless cross-atlantic connections somehow only get me 20 ping.
But yeah, all the server I’ve tried have “EU” as their region

I have tried this at several hours of the day and on servers with as little as 2 players online, and there was no difference :confused:

(got told to put these all in a single reply, so im doing that now)

Half of the American servers have jumped up to around 250 ping for me. The other half is around 40-50ms. Not sure if they switched a bunch of these servers overseas or just on a bad node?

I’m not sure, but I do know it’s happening to my friend, too (regardless of if we’re playing together or not)
And they’re on the other side of the country