Extreme constant all day rubberbanding

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So me and a friend recently started up on an official server, the first 2 days were smooth. The third day however around 1 pm. My mate got EXTREME rubberbanding (not the kind at the obs right now, this lets him move around it just constantly rubberbands him back slightly, but it’s unplayable. He can only sit in the base at the moment. ) from 1 pm til late late at night. It deleted his character, and it still did it. He uninstalled, it still did it. He has even tried other accounts. His internet is not the issue, his speed is the same as mine, and I have NO issues. The rubberbanding at this point has been going on constantly without break for well over 24 hours with my friend. Is there ANY fix to this? At this point we are just going to have to find something else to do, because the game is basically just telling us ‘no’. Also, we have reset his router, xbox, everything, we have exhausted all possible options for a fix for this.

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Hello @Pehrr, welcome to the community!

Which server did this occur on, and what is your friend’s internet speed and ISP?

Can your friend test a few different servers, and is he able to ensure his console is on a wired connection?

Has he tried running a multiplayer connection test?

Signed in this evening and having same problem, on private server. Could teleport via admin to any local but got the ‘rubber banding’ at every location. Was so bad I cannot move any direction. Yesterday this only happened when logging on for approx 10 to 15 sec.s, or when teleporting to my home’s again in the first 10 to 15 sec.s.

Followed link instructions and connections are good, did multiplayer too and all good. Checking portal next.

Here is my work around.

Went to portal
Logged into server acct.
Stopped server (don’t do a restart)
Started server
Had to log onto official server first, then logged onto my private server
No more ‘rubber banding’

Hope this helps:-)

Darn auto spell check, should say went to G-portal, not portal. Lol

Thank you for clarifying, the rubberbanding on login/teleport will be addressed in today’s hotfix.

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