Continuous Rubber banding

So I’ve been playing on my own server for about a week now without major issue until today. My character is stuck runner banding. It has made the game unplayable. Is there a fix?

Probably require more info to help. Are you hosting your own dedicated server? If so are you using multihome from the same PC?

Or is it a rented server hosted elsewhere? How long has the server been ‘up’? Has it been restarted to try and fix the rubberbanding?

In my experience rubberbanding happens when there is extreme server lag or your character is stuck on a piece of terrain that it keeps pulling you back to. (You can test this one by removing your bracelet and killing yourself to get unstuck)

Sorry should have mentioned I’m on Xbox. The server is rented through portal. It’s about 6 days old. I have not tried to restart it yet,that seems like a duh but I didnt think about it. Thank you for that.I tried the bracelet remove remedy, it didnt work. I will try a restart when I get home from work.

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There is more info to be known here:

Where you playing at and where you rented the server at ?
Distance will make extreme lag.

GPortal servers sometimes have problems with the database if it is changed or edited. It considers objects where there is none. To test that you need to clean the game DB from the server and try again.

The console might be being throttled by the network, check out the setup of the connection on the console configuration and make sure it is set to never do it.

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