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Official PVE 2011 EU

I’ve only had 1 hour of gameplay since the last patch. I can’t even move from my bed due to rubber banding. I’ve been trying multiple times a day to get on as I already lost one of my bases this week due to this problem. I’ve actually been playing since the first week of the preview and this is the worst the rubber banding has ever been. I play on a One S with a super fast optic fibre connection and a family member plays on a One X and has the same problems.

Im on official EU 2011 and I’m in England. My family member has just made a new character and gone on an American server with a 165 ping and is telling me that it’s running very smooth and no rubber banding at all! Official 2503. So is it a problem with certain servers? Our EU ping is around 33. It doesn’t make sense.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Spawn in

I had the same issue on both a private server and a us official PVE server. I was able to snap out (no pun intended) of the rubberbanding by equipping and unequipping several items while trying to move.

Thanks for the reply JT. Yes I’ve tried equipping and using my roll/dance etc and get immediately dashboarded. I got on on Thursday and was by one of the cimmerrian huts at the mounds when I started rubberbanding, I was then dashboarded and it said I was killed. I kept trying to spawn in to recover my gear but couldn’t even get off my bed so I lost everything.

I’ve just made a character on an American server and had no problems. Gone back to my own server and was just rubberbanding on my bed, then dashboarded. :unamused:

Thank you again for your reply.

Go into your inventory - that seems to fix it for me.

Hmmm, not sure I’ve tried the inventory. I’ll give that a go.

Thanks Mek.

Just tried the inventory and it kicked me straight to the dashboard. Thank you for the suggestion though, Mek.

Hi @anaiD, a hotfix is coming out today to address this issue and a few others.

Yeah, it is very irritating, but check through these forums (search ‘rubber-banding’) and you will see that the devs are working very hard on a Patch to resolve this and rumour has it that they are pushing to roll it out this week. I am guessing that, since you are on Xbox, you will need to confirm this time-frame separately.

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