Rubberbanding effect

I have been playing on a private server for a few months no issues. All of sudden this week I am getting what I call “Rubber Banding” I start glitching and cant move, then it will stop and I move and few minutes later again. Thought maybe i need restart, nope tried that. Have my wife log into it on her Xbox and we get the same effect on her.

Now go to a Solo/Co-Op map and we have no issues. This just started in the last week or so.
Any ideas?

Hrm, what map are you playing on?

The original Exiles map or Isle of Siptah? I only ask because Siptah map is having some performance issues atm , you can mitigate this by tweaking your game setting (by selecting performance mode , for example)

If it’s the exiles map, then maybe your ping is too high.
This might sound very counter-intuitive but go with me: try using Wi-Fi instead of a direct broadband cable connection, see if this helps with the rubber-banding as sometimes it doesn’t seem to cope with a higher speed connection (it’s totally backwards, I know, but try it)

Hope some of this helps.

That usually means the server needs to be repaired. It only takes a few minutes but the server owner will have to do it.

I’ve had similar experiences recently. It’s hard to isolate the trigger though. But it does usually happen immediately after I stop emoting for certain. For instance I might be resting on my back on a roof too in Supermeru waiting for new npc’s to spawn and when I stop emoting and stand up and jump off the roof it will actually rubber band me back onto the roof a few times before settling. That is one instance.

EDIT: another instance is during combat. I will try to roll away from an attacker but if I do during a certain part of their attack animation it will simply rubber band me right back in front of them. At least that’s what it seems like is happening.

Make sure to restart the server at a minimum every 4 days. You may need to do daily restarts depending on the age of the server database and the number of players you have.

Rubberbanding is the first symptom the server simply needs a restart. Should clear up right away. And I will stress the server itself needs a restart, not just your clients.

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