Rubberbanding ! Fix it please

Will funcom ever fix this or can it be fix’d ? I’ve NEVER seen a game where rubberbanding in this bad. It’s such that it makes the game either in Exiled Lands or Siptah island. Unplayable.

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ill get right on it

They can’t fix it. This is G-Portal fault problem will solved if they stop oversell hardware.

I wish I did not have to agree.

The server you are playing on has to be restarted periodically. This fixes the rubberbanding. When the rubberbanding occurs is different for each server. Here’s what contributes to the time between restarts being shorter and shorter:

  1. Heavy Mod Use. Small amount of mods have a negligible impact. But it goes up exponentially. Especially those that record more systems or add new items to the databases.
  2. Number of players. This is caused by random stuff being added to the world. Bases, placeables, campfires, bedrolls, wheels of pain, pieces of bases left behind. Most of this can be cleaned up with decay.
  3. Corruption. Databases get cluttered as not everything removed is entirely deleted. Sometimes deleted items aren’t fully deleted and bits and bytes remain.
  4. Database Age. The older the game.db file the more all of the above begins to take its toll.
  5. Population. The more players the more the above occur and with more regularity. It takes its toll as well.

Usually a fresh unmodded server can go about a week before rubberbanding sets in. Mods reduce this to about 5 days. Eventually as servers get older and older, modded or not, the time between needed restarts gets lower and lower. For example, 70/70 servers with about 6-10 mods have a wipe cycle of about 2-3 months. This is where they reach the point that daily restarts become every 12 hours. And that’s just not sustainable.

So at 4+ days a server is healthy. At 2 days its doing alright, maybe at its halfway point. If its daily, then its running on barrowed time.

If you’re on a server that restarts daily, and you see rubberbanding within 18 hours of a restart. It likely needs a wipe. This is the ONLY fix. It might be alright with a database cleanup tool. But that is going to only prolong the inevitable. All servers need to wipe. Funcom is a little bit on the side of denial on this one.

By the way this is NOT a Gportal issue. Ask anyone who knows me on these forums. I am probably the most anti-Gportal poster on these forums. But even I have to admit, this is NOT Gportals fault. It is simply how the database of the servers are handled. This happens on Gportal, it happens on GTX Gaming, It happens on and it happens on Serverblend (all those I’ve seen Personally).

Funcom has fixed this to some degree, with the patch everyone hated a while back (for other reasons). But I doubt they will be able to eliminate it.

You can check this yourselves. Check out the server FPS when the rubberbanding starts. Check out the ping. Check out the RAM usage. Check out the CPU usage. All will report normal. Before Siptah, our server almost on the dot would start rubber banding at 96 hours (4 days). It would run fine just right before the 95th hour then you would see some degradation and then after about an hour it went to hell.

Server FPS was 55-60, ping was <80, CPU usage was 2-10%, RAM was at 9GB (which was the same as if it were freshly booted up), network jitter was negligible, all the metrics didn’t explain why there was rubberbanding. But a reboot cleared it up, for another 4 days. It was like that for over 6 months. On the clock.

Not sure about Siptah yet. We haven’t gone without a restart for more than 3 days because of mod/game updates.

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It’s not just servers. My sister’s game started rubberbanding badly in single player after the Siptah update. When the problem exists in single player as well, it’s not a server provider issue.

There is so much context missing from this initial post. Where are you rubber banding? Is this on an official server or a private server with 30+ mods? Have you checked your ping to the server? I’m running 4 different servers and none of them have rubber banding happening. 2 vanilla servers and 2 heavily modded servers.

Make sure you are really talking about rubber banding and not just the horrible sliding/teleporting NPC do in this game due to bad programming and not networking issues.

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