Getting kicked from an online server before or after 1 hour of play. Also elastic banding

So this issue is, I can play for about 1 hour before I get kicked off, official.servers this is happening to my mate also I play in the same server. I have tried multiple servers, to see if this happens, So before 1 hour or slightly after I get kicked, when I reload, in I am stuck, and I can’t move for 1 min, elastic banding, if I move, it turns into a glitch, and kicks me out again. It’s like I am stuck in the wall. This issue has happened 27 times 10 of them times I lost everything, I have drowned, died in battle, as I get kicked, can’t get back in time, lose everything, I carry armour weapons equipment. I have to play and time my game now, To make sure I am home before it kicks me out. In case I can’t get back to my body. Very frustrating as I have lost epic gear,
Please fix this servers kicked issue.

Hello @Wildwolfy, the rubberbanding issue will be addressed in the upcoming hotfix.

A few workarounds have been shared in the following post and might help in dealing with this issue in the meantime:

Regarding being kicked from the server, could you state which servers have given you such problem, and whether your console is connected through a wired or wireless connection?

Always wired , plus my Net is not a issue pulling in 500 meg, net. On a Rog router, over a gig, net stream. Made for gaming. It’s happens on multiple servers only did this after the jan update including the rubber banding.
It’s almost making the game unplayable. There is a multitude of issues, some small ones like taking slaves to a new base won’t stay at the new build but goes back to the old base, items vanishing from inventory, thrills not fighting, just standing there watching, horses and pets doing the same.
Clitching into and onto items you build in your base, being snagged on items then you can’t move that causes rubber banding, you have to pick up the item to move. Spawning into a wall, that causes rubber banding, for 1 min causes game to crash.
I did manage to play for 3 hrs yestaday, from 3pm till 6pm dead on it crashed, then every HR after crashes.
It seems if I quit out the game, reload I can play in 3 hr intervals. But it varies. It’s not always 3 hrs dead on.
All this since the update.
The server I am currently on is.
PVE CONFLICT. Official server #2019 PvE Conflict - g.portal .com.
Please fix this…my mate this also happening too won’t play till this is fixed.

Happens to me too, anytime I go away from my base, which is quite small compared to others, and come back. If I go out thrall hunting and come back I can just barely get the thrall loaded into the wheel of pain and boom crash. Or if I check a chest that has items in it, crash. Or start the game and, god forbid, check my inventory, crash. It’s like it’s a memory issue or something… pretty annoying.

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