Buildings not loading, desyncing from the server - Feedback thread

Hey everybody,

Our team is aware of a recent issue that causes, among other things:

  • A building around you not loading.
  • NPCs in that building not loading
  • Being unable to interact with any placeables
  • Stamina not moving
  • It only seems to affect you and not other people in that server or region

Also, if you try to move away from that building, all these issues are fixed until you come back and see this problem again.
Our team is looking into this issue and would highly appreciate if you could provide the following details:

  • If you’re playing in an official server, we would like to know
    ** Server name
    ** Coordinates (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + L)
    ** Your player name
  • If you’re playing on a private server, make sure it doesn’t have any mods. If you’re 100% sure it doesn’t, we would like to have access to its database.

You can send us this information privately if you deem it so. In case of a database, please send it to us via direct message.
We will proceed to merge all threads reporting this issue into this one so our team can have easier access to all the information.

Thanks everybody for your patience and collaboration.

Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [ Bug]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict]
Region: [EU]
Mods: None

Game stopped working after last logon

  • Parts of the base not loading in (see pic)
  • Some parts are visible, but I’m falling trough
  • Some parts are not there (can walk trough them)
  • Infinite stamina
  • No fall damage
  • No NPC’s loading in in nearby or far away places (New Asagard is empty)
  • Other players see the base in a normal state
  • I can’t see other players, and they can’t see me
  • Infinite breathing under water
  • Wherever I go, I’m entertained (there is a dancer next to my bed)

Restarting game doesn’t solve this
Removing bracelet doesn’t solve this
Asked admin to restart server.


By he way, other people didn’t have any issues at the time I was having these.

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I have exactly the same problem I reinstalled everything ad it didn’t go away only when the server was updated it was fixed but now its back again I have admin access and this bug stops my access also other players games get really laggy around base and sometimes me today another player watched my base slowly vanish while for me it was totally intact but I couldn’t open the front gate

I play on a private sever with Age of Calamitous and Pippi
restting the server seemed to have fixed it but who knows its like playing in an alternate universe but on the same server

Hey @Sting01

Does that server have any mods installed?

Everything works perfectly in single player

As indicated in the report, no :wink:

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Sorry, missed that one.
We’ve sent your feedback to our team :slight_smile:

Same issue on pve C 1940. It’s Clan related as well. Anyone in my clan lags out in the base. I kicked him out of the clan and instantly he was back to normal. Put him back in everything bugged out again. Let me ask you this. Where is your base mine is in c-12 and this seems to happen around the times meteors land in my base. I am not sure if it is related. Hope they find a fix soon nothing fixes it until after server reset.

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This is also happening on official. No one else in the server is having issues except everyone in my clan other people can walk through the base just fine with no issues.

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Also to add more feed back if I die and port to the desert to anywhere outside of c-12 im fine the second my base begins to load up the lag hits and you cannot interact stamina does not regen, cant open doors or see mobs. It is some how related to my clan and my base.

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Same here. The upsidedown bug is back. I call it that since you can but can’t really interact with the actual world. Too bad there are no demigorgans to fight here. Couldn’t kill them anyways since my stamina never regens. #Strangerthings #Conanexiles is unplayable without a server restart again


Same here.
Built some map rooms in my new server. Some of them load with no problem. Some of them are partial loading and cannot do anything around them.

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Similar problems at Official #1032 (PVP). Not even sure if a simple restart solves it, as the problem started yesterday evening and has persisted until this morning. I checked to see that during the night the server has been down, but since things still didn’t work in the morning, I guess that didn’t fix it.

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I’m having a similar problem on the mountain peak in D 12. I built there for a day with no issues then the above mentioned issues began. After the daily restart, it’s fine for a bit before resuming the craziness. I also have a base southeast of this one, also in D 12, with no issues at all. This is on Official PVP 1540.

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Hey everybody,

Our team is investigating this issue. Thanks for your feedback and patience.

Good to hear, I have it again and so does my clanmate, so it’s not an isolated incident.
Both times I was killed by another player.
Last time they ‘harvested’ my body
Not sure it’s related

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The same problem is in official server Pvp 1307. I am really tired trying to fix that problem. If you can reset this server it would be nice.

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Problem is, yes, a server restart can possibly fix it. However, it will just come back. I still don’t understand what brings it on. It happened to me while simply being idle, taking a break from a large build. I’ve read players are claiming it has something to do with DLC building pieces, but I cannot confirm this. Strange that I was building in frontier. Who knows. It’s definitely game breaking though. My character is currently stuck in one spot now, after pulling my bracelet. I haven’t purchased a DLC since. It would be interesting to know what causes it to happen. I could at least avoid it occurring again.

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