Base disappeared in front of our eyes

**Gametype: ( Online official )
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvE ] ( Server 1018)
Region: [ EU ]

[ Base bascily disappeared in front of our eyes, but all of our decorations and workstations were floating mid air. whole clan relogged to see if that fixed the problem but now we all got endless loadscreen for that specific server. no other servers has problems. this is a problem the 4 people in our clan has and none of us can load back in]

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Hey @Nagtor

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Did the server restart fix this issue?

yes it did, what are we surposed to do if it happends again ?

It might be this issue still showing up:

We issued a few hotfixes for it a fair share of weeks ago, and it was for the most part closed. If it happens again, could you report it on that thread with as much information as possible?

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