Dungeons are not a challenge

The dungeons are not a challenge, with a good NPC you can kill everything in the game, also please allow my dancers to do other dances, I’m tired of seeing them always doing silly jumps like repetitive and tiresome dancing, the heads of dungeons are not a challenge.
In the submerged city it would be more interesting another way to find pearls, perhaps diving to be able to find them and that there is some fish that attack you to make it more difficult, but something more realistic and interesting.
The fighter of the arenas is a good rival, the rest are not.

Under the right conditions should you not be able to kill every opponent in every game?


yeah, but in this game “the right conditions” is, go to Unnamed city at any level… put down bedroll… keep whacking a Relic Hunter until it’s knocked out. If you die, just spawn at bedroll and run back.

Wait for RH to finish, level it up a bit, let it kill some Legendary creatures (or UC bosses if you didn’t care to level up… and why would you…) and zerg Mounds while you watch YouTube, until you have decent weapons and armor (for the RH)…

Grats, now “you” can clear anything in the game.

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Try leaving your thrall at home. Works like a charm.


Dont bring a thrall then if u want a challenge lol


maybe in offline… But with all the random lagspikes, rubberbanding and mobs that hit you while you’re 3m away in online, no thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything you describe assumes a wheel of pain, having gear that keeps your thrall from dying and over 6 hrs gameplay. Most AAA titles can he beaten in 6 hrs if you take the easy way, so you got your money’s worth. Take the harder way, which is your option, and you will have a more challenging experience.


Its not a challenge even without thralls.

Even increasing NPC dmg (which has the byproduct of increasing thrall dmg), doesn’t make it harder. If you make them one shot you, it just becomes tedious instead of hard.

Right now the only challenging opponent is the Arena Champion (assuming you don’t use a bow). Thag used to be interesting until he was nerfed to the ground.

If you want a challenge, you have to use mods. But not everyone has access to those.

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Well its not an MMO, ive played mmo where u cannot go alone, we needed a tank, healer so on and so forth maybe try another game.

You guys whining has changed to much in this game allready, no weapon can be different, no thralls different, kinda boring now. Even black blood tools are now same as sm tools maybe 2 more every hit hurrayyyy.


Even in Singleplayer games, its not as easy as it is here.

In Conan you can use a thrall to kill everything without any input. Or you can forgo a thrall and right click everything to death in heavy armor, occasionally refreshing heals.

Even in Singleplayer games you have to do a little more than that. Like going back to 1986 for Legend of Zelda has bosses more challenging than Conan Exiles.

I mean we might be onto something here. A boss like Gohma where you have to hit them when their eye is open. Or Gleock where their heads detach and fire projectiles as the fight wears on. Its pretty simple stuff, we have literally almost 40 years of gaming to draw inspiration from.

Right now our bosses move forward, attack, and repeat. Occasionally we get a heavier attack that knock downs. That’s EVERY boss.

Exactly, thankyou Chairman. I see these sorts of messages every other week and they kind of bother me.

People equip already powerful thralls with high end armor and weapons such as Godbreaker and the Sword of Crom and then complain because they kill everything too fast. It was the same principle as people who stack smithing buffs in Skyrim, to produce absurdly high weapon or armor values, then groan that the weapon kills everything too easy or that nothing damges them. Its like someone using a grenade launcher to kill a deer then complaining that the deer died too easily. So maybe show some self-control and dont do it then…!?

I am a person who likes challenge in the game also, so here are a few tips. Play on Barbaric difficulty. Sink fewer Attribute points into Vitality and/or Strength. Dont use animation cancelling. If you have Admin access customise damage values for yourself and enemies. Dont take a follower as Chairman suggested. Or take a Pet instead of a thrall. Play on a console where there is none of this 1 click auto-consumes 3 healing items & all movement ceases when opening the radial wheel. Finally, decking yourself out for a journey goes beyond just Attribute points, temperature protection and buffs. It means taking a weapon and armor (and follower if required) which are proportionate to the area being visited. For example, if I am visiting Sinners Refuge I switch back to an iron axe and standard (non-epic) dafari armor. We have an unwritten rule in Survival Horror games; only use the weapon which is barely qualified for the job.

I wont speak for everyone here, but for myself and I would wager a LOT of veteran players the real reason why the game is no longer challenging is this. After 2.5 years of playing the same game over and over, we have so utterly and thoroughly mastered the game that we can now read and anticipate the NPC mobs attacks virtually in our sleep. Heres hoping that the Map Expansion brings some new enemies and bosses.


Mm… no. I don’t think its that.

Case in point, my best friend picked up the game last month. He didn’t bother using thralls. And has completely annihilated the game in under 2 weeks. Once he got 60, he got some epic 60 armor crafted, took down some of the legendary key bosses to get a weapon or two. Then systematically completed all of the endgame content.

The only boss that gave him an issue was the Arena Champion because he was melee and nothing up to that point hit that hard. But he was able to breeze everything else in the game with 45hrs played.

45hrs played total isn’t bad for the $15 he paid for. But it hardly took two and a half years to master the game. And it was hardly one of the hardest games he’s played recently.

Try this yourselves. Get a friend who isn’t a derp in video games, you know halfway decent at games to play Conan Exiles. See how long it takes for them to complete the Keystone Dungeons, Klael’s Sancturary, City of Dagon, and the Winecellar. And see if any of those things actually posed a challenge.

If they do the Witch Queen at level 30. They MIGHT see that as interesting. And they’ll likely see the Arena Champion as tough if they’re not archers. But that will be about it.

Well, yes. If you’re good at action games, you’re good at Conan Exiles. If you can beat the hardest action-RPGs and third-person hack&slash games out there on the market, Conan Exiles will feel easy.

But here’s the thing: if you design a game that poses a real challenge to people who can complete Dark Souls blindfolded, you design a game that is impossible to complete for the more casual gamers. and by casual I don’t mean giving the controller to my dad, but people who dabble a bit in Civilization, a bit in turn-based RPG, a bit in RTS, a bit in FPS and a bit in Conan Exiles. You know, people like me. I’m not a “derp” in video games by any means. I’ve soloed (without a thrall) most things in Conan Exiles - and even after hundreds of hours under my belt, some of those things posed an actual challenge.

The challenge with multiplayer games is that people with a wide variety of skill levels play the same game, on the same server, and the game needs to cater for all of them. There will always be people who find the hardest difficulty too easy, and people who will find normal difficulty too challenging. All of them have an equal right to enjoy video games.

(Also, please desist from condescending comments towards boomers. I know a 65-year-old lady who beats any video game she gets interested in, and several other people of her age who are at least competent at video games.)


In ‘Some’ things i agree but in the most, i am sorry, no.
Yes i would like to see dancers dance the dance i want, plus it would be very enjoyable if they follow my dance, all of them, for me this would be ultra cool.
Please, however, stop saying that Arena Champion is the most difficult opponent. This is not true, she hits hard, yes, but you can troll her in the very wide space you have and win her without a thrall, so, hits hard but easy boss.
The boss that nobody can win solo is the fourth skeleton in the wine cellar and he hits worst than Arena Champion. To be exact i don’t believe there is an easy pass from the wine cellar, since the last 3 months all the skeletons are attaking you at once. The percentage not to die in this dungeon is very low, especially if you wont respect it and start running in it.
The stone boss is a pain in the a… If you lag and it steps on you, you die.
The last floor of the suncen city is fatal and dangerous too, not to mention that the loot is garbage.
The rhino bosses are always a strong challenge especially the one near mitras knowledge point. Ofcurse the bug that the stuck under them is making things worst.
Try to kill the locust queen in the jungle without Antidotes
Theese are some examples of how difficult the game can be and challenging, still… IF YOU REALLY WANT A CHALLENGE GO SOLO BARBARICK MODE. Please try this option and when you finish the game join the club :wink:.

No it doesn’t.
Thrall damage given and NPC damage given are separate settings.

On the server I run, Thralls will NOT win a fight without YOU properly managing and fighting with them. They will die.

We have NPC damage given increased and taken decreased. For thralls, they have damage given reduced by a lot and
Damage taken at just below normal. Oh and we’ve increased the respawn rate so if you dilly dally you will quickly find yourself out numbered and surrounded - then dead.

So, I suggest you just find a more challenging server.

This is why they should just remove thralls

Remember… the time getting to Seper(meru) from south river passing the mapborder was a challenge, all off the red city was corruption, not just the center @ the archivist, you had to do the city with a dancer to fight corruption.
The game was hard then. Lovely.

But - Players didn’t want a challenge, they wanted an easy game, and posted in the forums and stuff , fanboys got theire moneys worth, FC listened when you screamed in the forum in those days, and then it went downhill.

Now the game is just silly easy. Decayhunting is about the only thing that needs skill and precision lol.

The ambiance and creative vibe rules in this game however, and keeps me, and lots with me onboard.


There’s a big difference between Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls.

And I was using the LoZ example for ideas of simple yet more complex set of bosses. Like I said, you right click everything to death right now without any care for the most part.

Show me a server where its harder than mobs one shotting you. I want to see it. Like I said, damage of NPCs isn’t the issue. The more damage they do, the more tedious it gets, not harder.

The game is too easy in PVE, period.

Easy to do… what?..

I’ve seen people say “the game is too easy” and I fail to know what is too easy. Is it easy to build a beautiful castle on 1x harvest? Is it easy to get every recipe in the game in say, 1 week? Is it easy to find every named thrall in the game? Is it easy to kill every boss in a 2 hr period? I don’t know what “easy” or “hard” means in a game that lets you do whatever you want with no real story progression. Even in PVP, easy to do… what? Kill another player? There are lots of ways to kill players and lots of ways to blow stuff up. But to attach “easy” or “hard” to it is pretty meaningless when no one ever wins.

If it takes you 100 hrs to get all the recipes and collect all the story points and you die a few times along the way, I’d say its hard enough.


Look at the title of the thread.